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Penthouse in Modiin by Studio Erez Hyatt


Using its signature approach towards modern, urban design, Erez Hyatt create the dynamic ambiance of this penthouse in Modiin, Israel. The entwinement of soft gray shades, warm chocolate wood, and accents in black create the color base of this modern stylistics project.

penthouse in modiin 11

Luxurious and rich materials selection and textures give substance to the functional and almost minimal decor configuration. The open plan setting of kitchen, dining, and living room premises extends further with an almost seamless connection to the sunny terrace of the apartment. Floor to ceiling windows and sliding doors create a luminous openness that vitalizes the masculine color arrangement of the decor. The light transparent fabric of the large curtains creates an ethereal feel that suits the extra high ceilings very well.

penthouse in modiin 4

penthouse in modiin 5

The kitchen corner and the dynamic bar configuration (instead of a classic dining table set) give a youthful and urban stylistic to the whole decor project. Clear lines, simplistic functionalism, and dark colors create a very modern and expressive angle for the design composition – stylish beauty with a robust and urban edge. On the opposite side, a soft sitting arrangement, rich in textures (including a bohemian and luxurious touch of blue velvet), gives an inviting wink for relaxation time.

penthouse in modiin 3

penthouse in modiin 7

A large TV wall structure with a distinctive design creates the focal center of the space. Wooden, striped veneer hosts the large flat screen and simplistic, clear lines compose a fireplace and minimalist bookshelf underneath. On the terrace, a trendy and stylish furniture arrangement and fresh green plant wall create a beautiful leisure time-space. Unique design appliances, organic wooden insertions, and trendy lamps complete the stylish design project. The color composition, the monolith structures, and the specific masculine urban dynamics of the decor are quite typical for the designers. Still, each time, small soft hints and unique accents create the charming identity of their projects.

penthouse in modiin 6

penthouse in modiin 13

penthouse in modiin 2

penthouse in modiin 1