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Modern Bohemian Apartment in St. Petersburg


The search for balance between playful and urban stylistics, minimalist and cozy ambiances, trendy and classic aesthetics is a difficult challenge for the word’s design scene. This apartment project in St. Petersburg, Russia carried out by ELEMENT buro is a wonderful example of how one can mix minimalist terracotta with a Persian rug, bluish and pink hues and achieve a stylish and artistic result. Let’s explore closer.

elementburo apartment​​​​​​​ st petersburg 6

The design project capitalizes on expressive textures and colors to achieve vibrant and striking effects while exploring purity and thin, unusual lines. Characteristic for the design stylistic is the master bedroom arrangement. Trendy shapes, rich velvet and plush textures in combination with bold color choices, artistically fill up the almost empty space. The juxtaposition between the rich ornaments (graphic leaves) of the wallpaper and the pure, organic smoothness of the herringbone parquet creates a playful scene for the modern details composition.

elementburo apartment​​​​​​​ st petersburg 8

In the open-plan arrangement of kitchen, dining and living room areas, a dynamic alternation of materials (the wood and terracotta for floors), colors (dual compositions in vertical) and shapes (oblong, rectangular and circular can be found throughout) create a characteristic and very entertain decor dynamics. For the color palette, the design team chose trendy combinations, including rich variations of blue, gray, and red terracotta and that, paired up with expressive textures, creates a unique vibe.

elementburo apartment​​​​​​​ st petersburg 7

This stylish arrangement carries a certain feel of a modernistic painting – maybe because of the pure shapes, or the deep colors and rich textures, but the artistic and challenging feel is strong. Throughout the apartment’s decor, trendy and iconic lamp pieces create focal points of fashionable stylistic. Mirrors break off the boring sequence of horizons creating reflection plays and extending the light configuration. Unexpected stylish insertions, like the oriental rug giving a cozy feel to the sitting zone or the custom-made kitchen cabinetry, which alternates vertical and horizontal openings, create a unusual and characteristic stylistics for this urban home interior.

elementburo apartment​​​​​​​ st petersburg 5

Location: St. Petersburg; Area: 60 sq.m.; Project type: Apartment​​​​​​​; Project year: 2019; Design: Vadim Che; Visualization: Ilya Ganzha;

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