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Endless Graphics with no Limits: Waterproof, for Floors, Walls, Ceiling and Trendy Showers


Instabilelab dedicates a whole section to the bathroom environment. Every kind of graphics, from the more simple to the irreverent ones, made to amaze, engage and to take to another world.

instabilelab waterproof wallpaper 5

instabilelab waterproof wallpaper 7

instabilelab waterproof wallpaper 6

The company has been able to go beyond the traditional use of the wallpaper, creating unique graphics and outstanding effects thanks to the research for new textures and materials. This way, Instabilelab now offers a combination of products and wallpapers that create a real scenography, if combined together, Instabilelab offers wallpaper that depending from the fabric can be used for: humid areas (such as the shower area) called FibraTex and FibraGlass, for floors (Texfloor) and lamps (Beautiful Light) and for carpets as well (Carpetia).

instabilelab waterproof wallpaper 3

instabilelab waterproof wallpaper 4

All of these items can be used in bathroom environments individually or all together (creating the project Custom-me) with an unique image for and outstanding result.

instabilelab waterproof wallpaper 1

Instabilelab creations are born from the desire to always realize unique and exclusive environments with a strong visual impact. The company never stops and always tries to empower the use of the wallpaper, creating amazing and engaging projects.

instabilelab waterproof wallpaper 2