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Stylish Mezzanine Apartment in Bratislava


Modern and utterly stylish mezzanine apartment in Bratislava is gazing above the old historic neighborhood and Bratislava Castle, which offers an intriguing frame and backdrop for this play of opposites. The architect Martin Fleischmann who build the duplex on the roof of an older five-story house and the design studio – First Republic- turned the duplex into flowing experience of modern minimalism above the rich, old cityscape. Floating and suspended decor elements, minimization of optical boundaries between individual functional parts, but also between interior and exterior, create a space where the imagination and the modern, trendy approach of the designers towards the decor can unravel freely.

stylish mezzanine apartment bratislava 1

stylish mezzanine apartment bratislava 4

The open-plan configuration of the first level host in rectangular sequence the main dally zones – kitchen, dining, and living room areas – and after the minimalist visual separation of glass half-walls one of the bedrooms and walk-in closet spaces. The pursuit of minimalism and transparency are the hallmarks of the project, and the lightness achieved by suspended decor elements is a beautiful example of modern stylistic. Self-supported staircase that leads to the second floor, suspended trendy metal shelving in the kitchen (black metal frames composing a rack under the ceiling is quite a trendy decor touch, of late, for urban decors) and even a tube-like fireplace that does not touches the ground, create a specific – airy dynamics for the decor composition.

stylish mezzanine apartment bratislava 8

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And speaking of dynamic configurations, the color and materials compositions of the design are also quite characteristic and representative of the urban, modern stylistic of hot and trendy decor configurations. Simplistic and stylish neutrals in white, gray, pastel pink, and black (actually an abundance of black accents and contours that gives exquisite stylistic to the composition) are balanced and softened by warm wooden cladding and organic materials – even the concrete and metal ones. The kitchen decided with walnut finish creates a material opposition to the industrial platform of surfaces – cast epoxy floor and exposed concrete ceiling slabs. Characteristic furniture elements, lighting installations, and dominating black metal accents straighten the urban, industrial dynamics of the decor composition, but the design team used very clever and balancing additions to create a stylish ambiance.

stylish mezzanine apartment bratislava 3

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On the second level of the mezzanine, the master bedroom resigns, with a strong connection to the beautiful terrace space- an interlude to the cityscape. A symbolic half- wall separation transfers this space to the master bathroom with its modern and stylish appliances. This unobstructed flow between bedroom and bathroom premises is a very hot and trendy design choice of late. On this, private level, the black accents of the design composition are less than downstairs, and softer tonalities prevail here – beige, pink, and abundance of wood – even the fashionable bathtub has its eye-catching wood-like cladding. Cylindrical shapes and unexpected decorative additions make unexpected focal centers throughout the decor – fireplace, zing basin, and bonsai three on the second level – are all playful and signature touches for fresh, stylish and modern design.  Photo: Tomáš Manina;

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