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80 Modern TV Wall Decor Ideas


Since its introduction into the homes in the mid 20th century, the television screen becomes almost inseparable part from the main social areas design, lately, in some cases, form the bedrooms’ as well. In modern age, is a safe bet to assume that the majority of household have at least one television which leads designers and stylistic experts, on the word’s design scene, to search for a way to introduce this integral part of the home in a stylish and comfortable way, without allowing it to become an eyesore.

modern tv sets tv walls design

Although big and imposing with their large flat screens the modern TV sets and TV walls designs are at least not the bulky, large coffins from the dawn of the media-set era, which were definitely a challenge to fit into a rooms’ design without taking over it. Thanks to the advances in modern technologies, there are many ways in which designers can creatively fit a television silhouette in a seamless and stylish way according to the chosen decor stylistics. In this article, we explore in-depth and round up examples, specially selected for you, where the televisions seamlessly fit into space as if they were designed that way.

tv corner decor arrangement

Image credit: Anderman Architects 

Keep in mind that the balance is important; your television shouldn’t be an opposing focal center or in unthoughtful contrast with a room’s decor, any more than it should find itself lost in an array of “cover-up” ornamentation. But luckily for us, the world’s leading designers had discovered and implemented a variety of ways in which the TV media set can fit into the most elaborate decor composition becoming a focal center instead of an eyesore.

tv corner decor arrangement 1

Image credit: Anderman Architects

Modern technologies and design innovations help even a simple TV wall to become a work of art – movable partitions and panels, dynamic constructs, usage of intriguing materials – all is possible – and technological advantages support the designers’ creativity. Let’s take a closer look.

tv corner decor arrangement 2

Image credit: Kico

tv corner decor arrangement 3

Image credit: Kico

Modern TV Wall Design Ideas

Modern trends in home furniture design fallow a broad spectrum of age inspirations – form the retro hints carried in the 60ts, 70 and even 80ts to ultra-modern Italian minimalism in shelves constructs and TV walls that can be presented as a light sketch on the wall. This variety allows us to choose a TV corner decor arrangement that is both; modern and unique, comfortable for us and in tune with the latest tendencies.

modern tv wall design ideas 4

Image credit: Molteni

The most convenient and easy to assemble are the prefabricated TV walls created by furniture manufacturers. In this decor composition, we see one of them giving a nice contrast to the white brick wall with its dark surfaces and contours. The special design of trendy inside – lighting provides an excellent focal accent for the books and art elements collection. This is a good example of a modern TV wall construct – easy to assemble and with simple lines that still can introduce warmth and comfort with its chocolate color shades. Let’s see other examples as well.

modern tv wall design ideas 7

Image credit: Adom Studio

modern tv wall design ideas 3

Image credit: SuperLimão Studio

Those three examples demonstrate the modern minimalism of TV wall exposition in the decor arrangement. Clear lines and functionality are the accents of the decor composition. In the first case, the TV screen is embedded into the partition wall, that contains the fireplace as well – so only an excellent classical move can make you take your eyes of the dancing fire.

In the second example, the TV is inserted between the working place and the bookshelves hinting that the usage of it, thanks to smart technologies, can be more as an enlarged computer screen than as a TV. And in the third decor composition, although the TV is large its insertion into the decor is light and easygoing- it is mounted directly into the wall with simplistic and clear-lined configuration, searching for pure and elegant functionality.

modern tv wall design ideas 6

Image credit: Arquitetura Nacional

This is one of our favorite Brazilian decors of late – here the designer had and artistic and aesthetically stimulating approach to the introduction of the TV element into the design. It looks like a part of the color and silhouettes play of the composition. Laid on an artistic tile wall (a creative crafts project of the designers) the suspended TV is supplemented by the pure lines of the small custom-made bench underneath it and the beautiful silhouette of the Eames  bird from the Vitra’s collection.

modern tv wall design ideas 1

Image credit: SMLXL Architects

In those examples of modern, urban decors we have a search of contrasts – the TV wall is developed as a color or textural accent, and in addition stylish furniture details are introduced without disturbing the purity of lines. The elaborate character and individuality of composition comes from the small artistic details, unique furniture insertions, book elements, and family findings that decorate the surrounding shelves.

modern tv wall design ideas 5

Image credit: Team7

modern tv sets tv walls design 22

Image credit: Febal Casa

TV Wall Decor Ideas with Arches

The arches as an architectural element are characteristic for the architectural period between the Secession and the 70’s, but they can be used as a beautiful focal configuration of a TV wall introduction into the design. In the first example we selected for you, there is an elegant contrast between colors (blue and white) as well as a dynamic configuration of shapes and silhouettes. The trendy metal book-case structure adds to the dynamic play of the decor as well as the warmer accents introduced by the TV cabinet and the small organic details of the round coffee tables, giving a warmer, wooden hint to this urban decor composition.

simple tv wall designs with arches 3

Image credit: Filippo Bombace

simple tv wall designs with arches 4

Image credit: Filippo Bombace

Here we have a very stylish decor configuration with a TV hidden beneath the stairs in a minimalist composition with only the designers’ lamp standing out. In this arch composition of another artistic urban decor – this time in the center of Florence – the designers from Studio Pierattelli choose to create a warm color and textural configuration that has certain functionality in mind.

An arch that host a TV- wall, storage and a fire place – an epitome of urban romantics. Here we have a play of textures, shapes, materials, and colors, giving an artistic richness to the design idea. The fireplace has a marble base, the arch is rich, warm wood, and the simplicity of the TV niche is supplemented by the storage units in bold turquoise color. And all of that is surrounded by trendy brass and black wood accents – urban luxury and artistic riches.

simple tv wall designs with arches 1

Image credit: Ahead Concept Design

simple tv wall designs with arches 2

Image credit: Ahead Concept Design

TV Feature Wall with Storage

Here we have selected for you some functional and decoratively aesthetical solutions for storage walls with a TV on it. Implementing such a solution – which by the way is very felicitous for small urban dwellings, because it saves space and gives extra storage and tidiness for the overall composition- requires a general space design and the help of a professional designer or architect. It starts with assembling a specific wall niche for the TV screen, and the rest of the space is covered with the selected material (wood, plywood, laminate or veneer) securing different configurations of storage space. Usually, this kind of TV wall solution is custom-made for the concrete space.

tv feature wall with storage 12

Image credit: Studio Bazi

tv feature wall with storage 11

Image credit: Sigmar

This kind of furniture composition can be completely closed with minimalist final outlook or partially open with additional shelving for decorative items, books, or magazines depending on the owners’ and designers’ preferences.

tv feature wall with storage 9

Image credit: INDOT

tv feature wall with storage 8

Image credit: KahDesign

modern tv sets tv walls design 1

Image credit: KahDesign

TV wall with storage compartments is truly very modern and urban design solutions – elegant, tidy, and flexible, and its functionality does not contradict the overall aesthetic of contemporary styles.

tv feature wall with storage 7

Image credit: HEUT Architects

tv feature wall with storage 6

Image credit: Rimadesio

In this attractive modern composition, we have one very intriguing extra – a sliding panel that can conceal or reveal the TV screen. This dynamic decor configuration offers, again, a contrast in materials and colors palette, with functionality and abundant extra storage in mind: affordable luxury and clever design solution for open-space premise configuration.

tv feature wall with storage 4

Image credit: Molteni

tv feature wall with storage 5

Image credit: Molteni

In this project, we have an especially composed niche for the TV set amongst the owners’ book collection. Which will prevail and attract your attention today – the book or the TV?

tv feature wall with storage 13

Image credit: Gosplan

tv feature wall with storage 3

Image credit: XS Studio

TV Niche Decorating Ideas

This type of TV set arrangement is one of the most popular in modern design. The catch with it is that the niche for the TV should be selected in an early stage of the home’s design so the construction work can be done accordingly. Doesn’t matter which of the following variations one will choose – a minimalist, flat white surface with integrated TV screen in it, a sink-in niche clad in contrasting dark wood, or a tidy sliding panel that hides or reveals the TV – the wall niche is a creative and trendy approach to situate the television seamlessly into your home decor.

tv wall niche set arrangement 4

Image credit: Olha Wood

tv wall niche set arrangement 3

Image credit: Olha Wood

The wall-niche configuration allows a wide variety of creative design solutions – a simple, open, and minimalist white square is one option- especially suited for a limited urban-dwelling because it saves space and thanks to its clear lines does not overcrowds the decor. But more elaborate constructs are also quite popular- hidden lighting scheme with integrated LED installation to underline the TV wall niche, contrasting materials play – dark veneer and chocolate wood – as it is in the second example we selected for you – is also quite a stylish option.

tv wall niche set arrangement 2

Image credit: Studio Roy David

tv wall niche set arrangement 6

Image credit: Studio Roy David

The third example here presents us with another contrasting niche configuration this time decided in the stylistics of modern minimalism and purity. In this case, the open niche combines both; open, clear-lined exposition and enough functional space to host decorative objects. The artistic insertions in this decor project are with organic, oblong contours and trendy modern silhouettes – including the Vitra’s bird sculpture and the fluid design chairs.

And the fourth example of this series has a more technical approach to the design solution – a sliding panel gives a tidy, hidden possibility for the TV screen to be made absent from the decor configuration when not in use – a very apt and stylishly executed option.

tv wall niche set arrangement 5

Image credit: APALondon

Built-in Room Divider & TV Media

Well, that is a beautiful solution for small urban dwellings. Doubling the role of a divider of space and TV screen holder, a flexible and creative TV wall has many intriguing implementations. The functionality of a dividing TV wall does not restrict its additional functions – decorative, as a library and book shelving structure, as a part of a lighting scheme or even as a table, cabinet, or storage space – everything is possible.

divider tv walls solution small urban dwellings 2

Image credit: Casa 100

The variations of materials play can also be quite fun and creatively challenging- metal frames, wooden shelves, concrete countertops, or simplistic white surfaces are all an option for a modern, space dividing TV wall. Why not add some green plant life or vertical gardening as well? – go bold: the functionality is well in hand.

divider tv walls solution small urban dwellings 4

Image credit: Studio In2

In those tree creative design solutions, the flexible and dynamic configuration of the dividing wall that hosts the TV screen is not so much used as a fictional knack but more like a stylish and elegant statement of modern design composition. Beautiful and useful. What more? In both cases, the partial dividing wall and TV location have one more functional side – they host a closed, storage space as well.

divider tv walls solution small urban dwellings 7

Image credit: Indot Design

The organic and smooth lines of both constructs give a fashionable statement to the whole decor composition. The designers used small decorative objects placed on the floor to enhance the dynamic feel of the decor configuration – vases, totems, and leg-chairs in the shape of animals – cute and unique design solutions.

divider tv walls solution 1

Image credit: Behance

Dividers can be used in large homes as well as in small dwellings; their functional contribution to improving the space flow has multiple applications. Half wall or other types of partition is a matter of design choice, but placing the TV screen on the dividing wall is quite а stylish, functional, and popular choice either for small or large city apartments.

divider tv walls solution small urban dwellings 1

Image credit: Behance

In this Asian decor project, we have a separation wall with pleasant geometrical construct and delicate pattern of fishbone lines – turning the half-wall partition with a TV into a significant focal center of the elegant decor composition with its traditional Asian hints.

divider tv walls solution small urban dwellings 6

Image credit: GC Flat

In this urban apartment decor, the dynamic configuration of half wall divider extends into a dining table and a small shelf above the organic, wooden cabinet – a stylish, creative, and functional configuration. The neutral color tonality of the wall gives litheness to the decor configuration and is elegantly supplemented by the black decor details (including the TV screen itself) and finally warmed up by the wooden accent of the suspended cabinet.

divider tv walls solution small urban dwellings 3

Image credit: Peny Hsieh Interiors

The next example is of super luxurious and modernistic decor detail – a partition TV wall rotating around is axes, suspended above the floor, and featuring intriguing materials combination– a unique and stylish solution with a dynamic character. The combination between the shining solid surface of the main body and the fragile transparency of the glass shelves and side unites is also quite characteristic and felicitous – a perfect display for art and book collections.

divider tv walls solution

Image credit: Behance

TV Frame Wall Decor Ideas

This is one of the most creative and artistic as expression ways of introducing the TV wall into the interior. Framing the exposition with specific geometrical, textural, or color accent creates an undeniable focal center that is perfect not only for displaying the TV screen, but it also offers a possibility for addition decor details showcasing.

creative frame tv wall 1

Image credit: Setter Architects

The additional decor elements should be small and unobtrusive because the main object framed by this creative decor approach is in the center – the TV. But the picture-like frame decor approach still offers a dynamic possibility for playful combinations. Frames are quite fun and creative answer to the question – how to introduce the TV screen into the decor?

creative frame tv wall 2

Image credit: Setter Architects

In the design examples, we selected below, the frames on the wall that host the television vary from modernistic, industrial, and playful to classic and even romantic as shapes, ornaments, and silhouettes. Let’s explore.

creative frame tv wall 4

Image credit: Cortezari

frame tv wall

Image credit: Cortezari

The last fey, TV wall frame designs, use a stylistic very close to the classic richness. The contemporary touch comes from its use – a vintage ornament of a picture frame hosting a TV screen – quite crafty and playful. Because of their unique presence, the interior around them also requires a specific expression – artistic and swank accessories, heavy draperies, shining metals and replicas of retro furnishing details all sustained in а minimalist color palette.

creative frame tv wall 1 1

Image credit: Vismara Design

Because of the ornamental exuberance of the 18th-century replicas in the decor compositions, a restraint in the color and materials selection is recommended – light frames on the backdrop of dove – gray or caramel-wood walls, whiteness and usage of glass and porcelain details are best to fit into this stylistics.

creative frame tv wall 6

Image credit: Cortezari

The room’s interior design will be much improved with a TV recliner in it.

creative frame tv wall 5

Image credit: Cortezari

The creative and fun play with the unique decor composition of your TV wall can be not only with its design stylistic but with the used materials as well. Let’s check out the rich variations in materials display on world’s design scene, which can be used to suit best your decor idea.

creative frame tv wall 3

Image credit: Vismara Design

Metal TV Wall Designs

Metal structures for the interior design of TV wall mounting – quite a bold and definitely unique design approach is to clad part of your wall in metal sheets and to place the TV screen there. This textural and color accent becomes the main focal point of any design composition.

metal tv wall design ideas 7

Image credit: Oshir Asaban

The TV screen can disappear as a presence on the black metal backdrop. Like is in this first example. Here the artistic metal accent is supplemented by the softness of the velvet furniture elements decided in characteristic colors and the overall artistry of the decor composition. The black metal surface of the wall is additionally vitalized by the special illumination installation of it and by the adjoining large, colorful paintings.

metal tv wall design ideas 6

Image credit: Oshir Asaban

TV wall mount ideas for small living room – as we have mentioned before, the small urban designs are an endless source of inspiration and creativity. Combining the functions of the metal construct for your unique TV wall mounting is quite an artistic approach – shelving, TV display, and a staircase – three in one – quite a project. The beautiful geometric construct in this home design center creates a play of different cubes and rectangles hosting different objects – small decorative details, the large TV screen, and the staircase steps; memorable decor element that also serves as a space divider: urban functionality and artistic expression in one unique piece of furniture.

metal tv wall design ideas 4

Image credit: KC design studio

metal tv wall design ideas 5

Image credit: KC design studio

And speaking of metal decor settings for your TV wall project let’s not forget the most noble and visually attractive material of all – the golden brass with its bohemian shine. We always loved its jazzy feel when used as a decor insertion, and we are glad that it is still trendy and finds multiple applications in modern interior decor projects. In this case is used as a rich, bohemian hint for the creative TV wall decor. Applied as delicate contours and accents of a furniture piece is quite an attention catcher.

cheetah plains lodge arrcc

Image credit: ARRCC

metal tv wall design ideas 2

Image credit: Xavier Pastor

TV wall mount ideas for living room – very often the TV wall construct (no matter the material used for its main body) is used as a bookshelf and mini home library. Obviously, there is no contradiction between the two pastimes and functions of the new-age center of the home’s entertainment.

metal tv wall design ideas 1

Image credit: INDOOR

metal tv wall design ideas 3

Image credit: Estúdio BRA

Stone and Marble Design for TV Wall Mounting

Stone, marble, or any combination of them with veneer and metal is quite a trendy and stylish approach for modern living rooms’ decor and a preferred one for contemporary designers when it comes to composing the TV stands. It is a signature composition for many European, Asian, and American design projects. The textures are different stone gives more organic and expressive focal center, marble by tradition caries luxury hint and elegance that dominates the interior composition.

stone design tv wall mounting 2

Image credit: TEAM 7

The bohemian spirit of this interior composition and its expressive ethno and artistic elements are in perfect harmony with the rough, rich textures of the stone clad portion of the wall that hosts an unexpected accent – a modern minimalist TV wall decor.

stone design tv wall mounting 5

Image credit: 2id Interiors

stone design tv wall mounting 3

Image credit: Hey! Cheese

In both of those interior examples, the TV stand is framed by a furniture construct and laid on a base of a marble slab. Quite a modem and graphically expressive approach to introduce the luxurious hint carried by the marble as a cladding element. The shine of the marble and glass shelving creates a beautiful contrast with the mat surfaces of the furniture elements.

stone design tv wall mounting 4

Image credit: PGD

stone design tv wall mounting 1

Image credit: Behance

Here the solid marble wall serves also as a space divider, creating an undeniable focal accent for the decor composition and hosting in elegant and minimalist way the TV screen and the additional elements of the TV stand.

stone design tv wall mounting 6

Image credit: LCGA Design

stone design tv wall mounting 7

Image credit: LCGA Design

Wooden TV Wall Mount Designs

Wood is always on style, but experimenting with it and wood-like innovations is super fun and leads to unique and creative ideas. Here we have selected for you some intriguing examples of using wood as a wall cladding and TV host decor detail.

wooden tv wall mount designs 4

Image credit: Studio Verve

In this project, we have elegant entwinement of wooden veneer, cement surfaces, and minimalism with oval lines – aesthetically pleasing and modern approach. The frame that hosts the TV is between the lines of the wooden cladding and the purity of the cement- simple and expressive shape laid on the backdrop of curved corners and monochrome color composition of modern furniture details.

wooden tv wall mount designs 3

Image credit: Midcentury Modern LA

Mid-Century Modern interior project that has the status of a classic beauty. The warm accent of the wooden veneer is part of the architectural composition, and the TV stand is minimalist and elegant – only the screen and one suspended shelving element. The surrounding decor composition is dominated by the classic 60-ts design stylistic and furniture elements.

In this project, we have an entwinement between urban modernism and Mid-Century Modern. Three elements dominate the composition of the TV wall: wooden cladding, a fireplace, and clear-lined TV screen – all together they give a warm accent to the grey- dominated modern urban decor.

wooden tv wall mount designs 9

Image credit: id Emboss

One more element from the Mid Century Modern stylistics – a beautiful, sliding lattice wall composed of golden wood stripes to hide the TV screen when not in use. This dynamic composition creates a unique character for the library wall that hosts the book and decorative elements configuration, as well.

wooden tv wall mount designs 2

Image credit: Roof Studio

wooden tv wall mount designs 12

Image credit: Roof Studio

wooden tv wall mount designs 1

Image credit: March Studio

In both projects, the wood-clad walls hosting the TVs are an accent for the décor composition – artistic details and textural richness attract the attention. The overall interior projects are functional and straightforward in both cases; the TV screen is minimalist as a presence with only a Scandinavian Style Wooden TV Stand beneath them.

wooden tv wall mount designs 8

Image credit: Team7

wooden tv wall mount designs 7

Image credit: Cadi Arquitetura

Wooden textures always bring a warmer touch into fresh or cold color compositions of modern design. This loft interior and its industrial vibe benefit from the modern minimalist wooden TV stand that is used as a focal accent. The dynamic composition entwines clever lighting scheme, green elements, and contrasting colors and materials. Books and art accessories complete the composition.

tv wall design wood

Image credit: Tomasella

Scandinavian Style Wooden TV Stand – its freshness and clean simplicity are quite a touch for modern decor design. Functionality and style entwine in one dynamic configuration offering a warm accent (the wooden panels ) and playful configuration of favorite items – books and cactus collections.

wooden tv wall mount designs 11

Image credit: Archon

wooden tv wall mount designs 8 1

Image credit: Shutterfly

So, as you see, the variations possible for modern decors to host a TV are quite dynamic, creative and can be fun to apply. Just select your preference points and use imagination – stylish possibilities are out there. Contemporary designers try not to frown upon this technical item present in most lives but instead to find the most artistic and attractive way to include it into modern home’s design. You can do the same.

tv wall design wood 9

Image credit: Driven by Decor