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Susanna Cots Designs an Apartment Inspired by a Luxurious Suite Beside the Sea


Most of us associate the seaside with vacation, relaxation, and easy-going time. Isn’t it? That is the case with the owners of this apartment, with beautiful views towards the Mediterranean, and whilst directing the design project carried out by Susanna Cots, that’s what they asked for; luxury hotel pleasure and the joy experience of gazing at the sea.

susanna cots apartment beside sea 1

So using elegant decor composition, luminous monochrome whiteness, and creative contemporary silhouettes, the designer created a welcoming and easy-going home with minimalist features.

susanna cots apartment beside sea 5

In the open plan exposition of the daily zones: kitchen, dining, and living room – the sea view through the balcony dominates and freshens up the simple, modern interior configuration.

susanna cots apartment beside sea 2

Different shades of white envelop the small space making it appear bigger and luminous. Only accents of wooden insertions and black details punctuate the composition giving it a substantial organic touch.

susanna cots apartment beside sea 3

The beautiful dining table-chair combo and the bar countertop (serving multiple purposes including working station) are the warm wooden touch and small details that provide natural finish and contrast in this white environment. That and the black accents: bar stools, simplistic TV mounted on a white wall, and the ceiling lamp create contrasting points.

susanna cots apartment beside sea 6

And speaking of lamps: throughout the apartment, trendy and inspired lighting installations offer contemporary focal centers for the prevailing whiteness – intriguing and modern approach of the designer.

susanna cots apartment beside sea 7

The main block in the dally zones – the kitchen cube finishes with intriguing fireplace design just in front of the comfy modular sofa. This custom made structure serves a space divider between the social and the private zones of the small dwelling: space divider, TV wall and a fireplace – multi-functional modern approach towards decor items.

susanna cots apartment beside sea 4

The bedroom ambiance continues the simplistic and stylish aesthetics of the rest of the decor, but here the soft blue textures of the master bed are reminiscent of the sea freshness and give a characteristic vibe to the limited space. Lacquer white storage units and trendy black lamps compose a minimalist modern space where easiness and relaxation are imminent.

susanna cots apartment beside sea 12

The bathrooms are work of contemporary art- intriguing modern silhouettes, a play of black and white, functionality and style, and appliance details combine into this small, but o, so stylish ambiance. Photos by Mauricio Fuertes.

susanna cots apartment beside sea 13

susanna cots apartment beside sea 8

susanna cots apartment beside sea 9