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Wireflow: A Bright Spot in Cutting-Edge Barber Shops


Hair salons and barber shops have come a long way from their early incarnations as utilitarian spaces to get a quick trim. These days, many are trendy, experiential settings where clients can relax amid cutting-edge design, cool art, and cocktails. Several of these hot spots feature Vibia’s Wireflow and Wireflow Chandelier, a dramatic fixture by Arik Levy that adds to the ambience.

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Wireflow: A Bright Spot in Cutting-Edge Barber Shops

In Logroño, Spain, Diriondostudio designed a space for Alvaro the Barber, recently honored as the best barber in Spain. A classic barber shop reimagined in a contemporary context, the interior features a vintage, early-20th-century industrial look layered with signature Scandinavian touches.

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Olive-green painted walls, handmade subway-tile walls, and faux-wood floors pair with black Scandinavian wood and metal chairs and shelving. Spare and unadorned like the space it inhabits, Wireflow captures the restrained, industrial feel of the room. Situated above the reception desk, the fixture creates an immediate cutting-edge mood and initiates the masculine colour scheme with its minimalist black wiring. Alvaro the Barber. Project by Shop Diriondo & DIS Studio. Lighitng by Osaba. Pictures by Daniel del Castillo.

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Refresh cosmetics hair salon, Poland

A mélange of pale wood floors, exposed brick walls, and sleek black-and-white furnishings form the backdrop of a hair salon in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Hanging over the reception desk, the Wireflow chandelier anchors the airy interior with an elegant, ethereal presence. Capped with LED fittings, its slim black cables echo the space’s graphic palette and subtly industrial feel, casting an ambient glow across the room.

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The Barber’s Club in Palma, Mallorca, transcends traditional notions of haircut establishments with an innovative design by Minimal Studio that doubles as an espresso and whiskey bar and an art or event space in the evening. Inspired by the iconic razor blade—recreated in oversized replica at the entrance—it fuses time-honored features of the barber’s trade with avant-garde elements.

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Metallic mesh accents and a corrugated ceiling evoke the blade and play counterpoint to soft, woven wall hangings, which represent the handle. Original, rough-hewn stone walls, marble floors, and steel surfaces round out the material mix.

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A pair of large-scale Wireflow pendants are suspended directly above each of the two chairs, designating these central spots with a striking, three-dimensional outline. A symbol of the shop’s merging of old and new, Wireflow’s craftsmanship in black electrical cable lends it a contemporary sensibility while harkening back to the look of a vintage chandelier.

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