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Bonaldo Total Look


How to furnish a house with Bonaldo‘s products, identifying the models, the finishes and the materials which are best suited to your own taste in a game of mesmerising combinations. “Bonaldo Total Look” is a project that introduces sophisticated coordinated atmospheres for settings which share Bonaldo’s stylistic flair. This concept, which is an important milestone in the brand’s development process, brings together Bonaldo’s products in a unique language to allow the identification of a precise interior style and its subsequent consistent use throughout every space, whether residential or contract. Free Identity, Beyond the Classic, Multiple Vision, Harmony of Neutrals, Regular Tracks, Refined Combination: these are six settings suggested by Bonaldo as inspiration to decorate spaces with a precise style, and fulfil all furnishing requirements.

bonaldo total look project 3

The space features shades of blue which bring a sense of calm and tranquillity into the domestic setting. The many squared geometric shapes and curved lines come together to create a harmonious space, where Bonaldo showcases the Delta table with the Otto chair, the Cabinet de Curiosité bookcase, the Kubik poufs and the Panorama coffee tables, armchair and sofa.

bonaldo total look project 4

DELTA table, design by Fabrice Berrux: Delta is a statuary table with a smooth and essential elegance, whose distinguishing feature is its frame, with the ceramic or wooden top emphasising its sculptural appearance. Fabrice Berrux drew his inspiration from the abstract and informal work of Spanish artist Antoni Tàpies to design the Delta table; it is precisely in the atelier of the Spanish painter that the designer noticed a small statue with a bronze frame and empty in the middle. This is how he came up with a table with a simple shape that conceals an impeccable design study, which is evident in the legs: indeed, they split in two just before the table top, creating empty spaces that make the frame light-weight and outline an elegant linear profile.

bonaldo total look project 7

OTTO chair, design by Fabrice Berrux: An element with a masculine name and an elegantly feminine appearance: the Otto chair, designed by Fabrice Berrux. The chair is named after its shape: a bend eight (otto in Italian) which makes the structure curved and sinuous. A chameleonic chair with a captivating design that comes in different variants of fabric and colour, from classic leather to soft velvet.

bonaldo total look project 2

PANORAMA sofa and armchair, PANORAMA COFFEE TABLES, design by Fabrice Berrux: Panorama is a modular sofa with multiple composition possibilities. In addition to the sofa, the line includes armchairs, poufs and coffee tables and, as the designer Fabrice Berrux explains, «its geometric shape is an incentive to the juxtaposition of the different elements in order to transform the living area into the warmest and most welcoming space. I hope that Panorama creates connections: it was designed specifically to create collective spaces, islands of comfort, shelters to freely relax in, alone or in company».

bonaldo total look project 1

CABINET DE CURIOSITE’ bookcase, design Fabrice Berrux: “This bookcase is a tribute to my Parisian grandfather”, explains the designer, Fabrice Berrux. “There was one room in his apartment which fascinated me more than any other. It was the room he occupied every evening until late at night: his office, or better, his room of wonders, his ‘cabinet de curiosité’. A place for thinking, for creating, for recalling memories, packed with books, paintings, masks, sculptures, and a thousand other ‘essential’ objects.” (Fabrice Berrux).

bonaldo total look project 5

Fifteen years later, these memories have become a bookcase devised like a modular architectural feature. Cabinet de Curiosité consists of six different modules, which can be used alone or matched freely to achieve the desired configuration. Every module consists of a façade and a variable number of windows and niches intended to house, organise and highlight books, ornaments and all sorts of objects. Cabinet de Curiosité is also available in the TV unit and bench configurations.

bonaldo total look project 6