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Heng Salon – A 29-square Meter Pop-up Hair Salon


The project is a 29-square-meter pop-up salon, which is situated in a shopping mall in Nanjing, China. The shopping mall has been constructed for many years, which faced the need of upgrade and renovation.

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Three different types of stores, including a hair salon, a bookstore and an educational agency, converge along a passageway in it. Because of transformation and renovation of the shopping mall, a 29 m2 space was left in front of the hair salon. The owner of the hair salon wanted to “do something interesting” on this triangular space, with a view to enhancing its brand value as well as providing a resting & leisure space and attracting customers for the shopping mall.

heng salon wutong studio 7

The hair salon beside the site is a box enclosed by gradient glass. During analyzing consumers’ circulation routes, we found a close interaction between the hair salon and customers of the educational agency as well as the bookstore adjacent to it.

heng salon wutong studio 3

The designers made the best use of the limited space based on site conditions, hoping to make it “all-inclusive”. The site features a triangular shape, with one side facing the atrium of the shopping mall. The design team utilized translucent polycarbonate hollow sheets, which ensures privacy of the space while bringing in natural light from the atrium. In addition, the designers left space for a window, which enables interaction between the inside and outside and enhances the transparency of the interior space.

heng salon wutong studio 9

Light penetrates polycarbonate sheets and fills the space, hence producing a soft and peaceful ambience and at the same time making hair appear to be more shiny. Open yet enclosed, this space is a unique existence, allowing consumers to enjoy scalp care in a comfortable and relaxing manner.

heng salon wutong studio 6

Its brand image created by the design team is consistent with its unique socializing content. The efficient utilization of recyclable materials, the principles of environment protection and energy saving, the dimensional spatial relationships, as well as the artistic ambience brought out by the mix and match of furnishings, all make the space meaningful and distinctive.

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Project type: pop-up; Area: 29 m2; Construction time: 11 days; Completion time: March 30, 2019; Operation period: 6 months; Construction materials: polycarbonate hollow sheet, steel panel; Suppliers: BAYER, JIA, EUROSTAR; Function: scalp care + leisure; Location: 3F, Phoenix Plaza, Hunan Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China; Design firm: wutongstudio; Chief designer: Huang Yi; Photography: Zheng Lei;

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