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Toota Use Colors to Visually Divide Open-Concept Space


Using their signature color palette and easy going vibe of composition, the designers from Toota architects created yet another city dwelling that offers a serene and elegant harbor in the urban dynamics of life. Neutral and light color combinations, simple shapes, and creative and trendy approach towards furnishings and space flow compose this city home where relax and ease are imminent.

horizontas apartment toota 5

horizontas apartment toota 3

The main social zone offers playful and quite popular lately duality of wall paint – using colour to visually divide the space. Trendy furniture elements and space decor solutions give additional individuality to this light ambiance. We love the framed glass separation between the working corner and the main social space. This type of space division is very apt for small urban dwellings offering privacy and open visual flow of space arrangement simultaneously. It is a dynamic, stylish, and elegant solution for different functions and compilations in our homes.

horizontas apartment toota 7

In a playful and creative elegance, the duality of the colors separating the space flow into two halves continues throughout the premises – even curtains and furniture elements fallow the pattern chosen by the designers of two shades of light gray. A fresh and artistic approach that gives a unifying thread to the decor composition.

horizontas apartment toota 4

In this duality of frames, a warmer beige accent sits perfectly balanced – used as floor or frame base, wooden elements of textural touches – the beige details complete the very stylish, organic and elegant color composition. We love the cute reading niche by the kitchen corner. Trendy and modern design lamps are also a typical touch for the design projects of the studio, and they have a strong presence in this arrangement as well.  Photos by Norbert Tukaj;

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