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Arka Apartment by Toota Architects


The Arka apartment’s design project by Toota architects presents us with urban purity and ease created by simple yet expressive geometrical shapes and materials. The modern read on organic requires the clear lines of concrete, metal, and wood structures to be clean and simple – so the final effect is easy-going and almost minimalist ambiance.

arka apartment toota 5

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In this case, the geometrical shapes of the space – the beautiful arched entrances to the social and privet areas; and the simplicity of lines give the character to the place. Delicate color accents- fine pink carpet, fresh blue, and green furniture elements – are laid on a trendy base of soft and light grays enhancing the feel of purity and light vibe. The arched passage (which gives the name of the project) leads into the open floor arrangement of kitchen, dining and living room areas and is playfully replicated (in reverse) in one of the cabinets’ modern silhouette, thus creating a balance of shapes.

arka apartment toota 9

The simple rectangular shapes of kitchen cabinetry, dining room table and sofa; cafe table’s arrangement give a free air to breathe in the full of natural light space. In this relaxing urban ambiance, the black thin metal lines of the lamps serve only as a reminder of the urban dynamics without disturbing the serene environment of this dwelling.

arka apartment toota 6

The arched passage leads into the depth of the apartment as well, where the privet quarters resign. The master bedroom decor offers the same serine and easy-going, organic decor composition. Here instead of soft pink, bold blue and green accents punctuate the monochrome ease of the base’s gray. We love the exposed bricks painted in a deep green that serve as a part of the shelves’ construct- very playful and creative touch for the improvised working corner. Photos by Leonas Garbačauskas;

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