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Design Studio Interdio Created Colorful Living Decor for Vilnius Dwelling


An explosion of color and texture with a retro twist. Large ten rooms dwelling in Vilnius was decorated by Beata Senkevich from Interdio studio with a dash of color and a spin of imagination fallowing the American retro-chic stylistic inspiration.

house vilnius interdio 1

A common thread of jungle, oasis-like defiles goes throughout the dynamic and vivid decor composition and unifies the idea. Flowing the owners’ needs and colorful lifestyle the designer let her imagination free and wild, creating a vibrant and welcoming ambiance for a color and plant life lovers.

house vilnius interdio 2

The home is big enough to allow multiple variations in decorations and usage – special interest places – sewing room at one end and a man’s workroom at the other connected by common spaces – living room and kitchen in a trendy open floor plan. Privet quarters are on the second level. Beautiful iron cast staircase leads to the second floor of the dwelling.

house vilnius interdio 7
The entwinement of classic and retro decor details (like the decorative rims on walls, the textural prints, and some specifically shaped furniture elements) introduces a classic charm into the chic and vibrant environment. Exotic prints and logs are also used, but their accent is balanced by the combination with neutral tones and materials such as wood and stone. Beautiful brick structures like in the bedroom – give a warm backdrop to the moody color tonalities. Trendy dark wall paint and tile compositions are used as well.

house vilnius interdio 6

The kitchen corner is decided in lighter color, with expressive wallflowers and the look is enhanced by a natural herringbone parquet floor creating warm and homey ambiance. The gorgeous dining table, chair set continues the organic touch of blond wood and makes the transition between lighter kitchen and darker, more colorful living room spaces.

house vilnius interdio 3

Art deco tiles and patterns can also be discovered throughout the design composition. Apart from the color and textural play, the space offers multiple variations of classic, retro and fashionable elements throughout the premises, including the jazzy sparkle of precious brass details. Photo by Jevgenijos Žukovos; Dariaus Petrulaičio;

house vilnius interdio 4

house vilnius interdio 5