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Light House – Extension Project by LAYAN Architects


Amazing facade, a play of textures and surfaces, cozy, secluded courtyard and entwinement of modern and traditional design features – this is the extension project of weatherboard Victorian cottage in Melbourne, Australia.

light house layan 1

light house layan 13

The project carried out by LAYAN architect combines the historic street facade (preserved because of its historical heritage status) with some expressive contemporary elements of the new extension; light structures and impressive architectural additions. First, there is the glass atrium-like circulation of the ground level premises, arranged around the small privet courtyard formed in the center of the new house-extension. The various living spaces are facing the courtyard to take full advantage of its natural light and ventilation benefits. Trendy floor-to-ceiling sliding doors and glass partition enhance the natural light and fresh air access and give certain modern fragility to the ground floor composition.

light house layan 14

This textural transparency is juxtaposed to the glazed white brick structures (inspired by the historical past of the site but with a fashionable read on it) that are used not only to enclose the courtyard but as beautiful textural accent in the interior decor composition. The alternation of textures in the interior- warm white oak panels and furniture elements, glazed bricks and trendy black and metal accents and frames – creates beautiful and elegant dynamics for the decor composition. Notably, special attention was paid not only to the selection of the materials but to the lighting scheme as well.

light house layan 5

The most impressive, key feature of the hose is undoubtedly the second floor’s custom polycarbonate screen, which creates fantastic play of shadows and light not only in the interior but as an exterior features as well. Here is the technical description of the amazing movable scheme of the disc screen provided by the architects:

light house layan 4

“The screen module is best described as two back to back translucent convex discs. To ensure even illumination on the front face of the disc, these were rotation molded and made from Ultraviolet (UV) stabilized polyethylene (PE). In total there are 907 discs, mounted on 67 stainless steel rotatable tubes. Each disc contains a single amber LED (wavelength determined to assist with melatonin suppression – as the room behind is the main bedroom), running at extremely low current. In any lighting scene, the screen draws less than 60 watts.”

light house layan 3

The interior design composition of this modern Australian home corresponds with its architectural shell – a combination of classic and modern, elegant and timeless, pure shapes and expressive materials and the focal accents of clever light play and the graphic patterns of the white glaze brick structures. The Light house answers its name. Photos by Peter Bennetts;

light house layan 2

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