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Porro Colors 2019: Sugar-Paper Blue


The Lullaby lounge chair, with its unusual configuration and inclination, evokes the comfort and the act of cradling. Its immediate and pleasant-sounding name is almost onomatopoeic: the “L” recalls the shape of the wooden legs, while “U” identifies the armchair on the floor plan, in addition to recall a rocking motion.

lounge chair lullaby porro 2

Small object of desire with an offplan shape that captures the gaze despite its small dimensions. Lullaby reveals sophisticated details behind its apparent simplicity, such as the small supporting foot in cuvée painted metal, the ash solid structure and the covering in soft light blue fabric. This is a particular homage by Porro and the designer to the Bauhaus and its diktat of reconciling functionalism and formal purism, in an ideal fusion of artisanal artistic creation and industrial production.

lounge chair lullaby porro 7

The Frank armchair by Piero Lissoni, freely inspired by French design, brings new comfort and expressive creations also in the waiting room and relax areas, modifying its proportions and becoming a perfect club chair. Its design combines 3 distinct elements in a harmonious whole: the soft and enveloping shell-shaped back, the solid and sturdy metal legs that appear slender thanks to their being circular and adjustable, and the padded and sprung seat with very thick elastic straps, for superior comfort.

porro armchair frank club 3

Craftsmanship is not forgotten by the Offshore series of containers by Piero Lissoni with floating colors, evoking abstract painting and unleashing the vintage flavor of oriental furniture. Made of ash wood with 45° shelves, the result of a careful manufacturing process, these sideboards are available with open pore paiting in the colours of Porro collection and in the new special frassino carminio finish, obtained through repeated manual steps thanks to which the grain, first darkened with black tones, surfaces in a fascinating dark red color. The opening mechanism is also unusual, thanks to an inset handle, an entirely metal-plated hole which rediscovers tactile sensations.

cupboard offshore porro 5

Elegance rhymes with looseness in the new compositions of the Modern container system which has been freed from the constraints of modular construction and is the outcome of the mixing and matching of one’s own preferred colors and materials, such as the new soft carta da zucchero lacquer which debuts in 2019, achieving solutions that are different and personal each time in the name of liveliness and lightness.

porro storage battente 4

A seasonal Hinged Storage closet chooses glossy carta da zucchero lacquered Piana doors with the new Block handles painted in tune with the doors. The vitrine with bright shelves and the new Bento black painted wax-finished metal box, are two marks, one horizontal and one vertical, interrupting the continuity of the colored surface.

porro colors 2019 sugar paper blue 1