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Cheerful Mix of Color and Texture in Moscow Apartment


Cheerful, urban apartment’s decor with artistic inspirations and bold color, texture, and pattern entwinements. This project – whimsically called “flat near zoo” is a creation of the artistic, feminine arch bureau Dvekati. The project is located in Moscow and through contemporarily framed windows shows urban views, which go very well with the dynamic and playful interior composition.

flat near zoo bureau dvekati 1

flat near zoo bureau dvekati 19

flat near zoo bureau dvekati 20

Like all urban dwellings, the apartment is not very big, but the variety of textures, cheerful colors and intriguingly shaped, contemporary furniture pieces give it a feel of abundance and playful plenty. The apartment’s interior consists of an open-plan social zone, which unites kitchen, dining and living room zones, and a small master bedroom, a child’s room, and a beautifully tiled bathroom.

flat near zoo bureau dvekati 7

flat near zoo bureau dvekati 8

The daytime family zone of the apartment enjoys a dynamic color, pattern, and materials selection. Panoramic window hosts under the wings of its vistas, a small section with an office corner and dining table (a beauty that entwines retro and contemporary features). The configuration is stylishly arranged using intriguing shapes, colors, and shining surfaces. Neutral shades of gray and muted green tonalities envelop the space and compose the bulk of the decor configuration, giving a clean and pure base for the bold color splashes in vibrant blue, red and green throughout the apartment.

flat near zoo bureau dvekati 6

flat near zoo bureau dvekati 5

The custom-made kitchen configuration is kept simple and light getting an unusual focal point – a vital green Aloe plant – implanted in the kitchen island structure itself – a characteristic and clever touch.

flat near zoo bureau dvekati 4

flat near zoo bureau dvekati 2

The contemporary and unusual shapes of the furniture pieces and trendy lamps design give an additional dynamic to the vital décor arrangement. The textural accents of trendy tile cladding staring here have their pick in the bathroom’s décor. Here the beautiful graphic patent of the lower half of the premises is juxtaposed to the extending brick-like rectangular tile cladding of the shower stall. The terracotta envelopment of walls continues in the child’s room as well. Here metal frames, unusual shapes, and dynamic configurations of colors and space create a perfect contemporary ambiance for an active boy.

flat near zoo bureau dvekati 15

flat near zoo bureau dvekati 16

Unusual, but we love the corridor that greets the visitors- entwinement of geometrical shapes in pastel colors is spiced up by textural variety – raw cement finishes, tiles, and plaster create a stylish and cheerful beginning for a cheerful home.

flat near zoo bureau dvekati 18

flat near zoo bureau dvekati 17

flat near zoo bureau dvekati 14