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GC Flat


From the series small urban apartments: the design project of this rental flat in Kiev Ukraine is accomplished with such a style and inviting, comfortable emanation that one gets the desire to move – in immediately. Isn’t it? A design team: Ivanna Pavlus, Anna Neiman, Valeria Voronova – used local design brands and decor elements to create a low-cost ambiance that nonetheless exudes style and contemporary, urban luxury. Quite an achievement.

one room flat 2

Creating a small urban dwelling (in this case, only 45 sq.m.) is a bit like solving a puzzle in an artistic and unique way. Creative solutions must provide all the necessary comforts for a dynamic, modern lifestyle while living the limited space with a sense of ease and spaciousness, if possible. In this case, elegant glass separations blur the borders between the privet and the social areas securing seclusion without visual fragmentation of the spatial flow.

one room flat 1

Glass partitions are quite a popular knack with modern designers when dealing with challenging space configuration and limited natural light distribution. In this case, natural light penetration in the minimally furnished bedroom space reflects on the trendy black walls, giving a cozy and at the same time jazzy feel to this corner of the design arrangement. Other glass elements are used escaping the overcrowded feel of too much visual fragmentation in the space.

one room flat 3

A trendy, large, modular sofa forms a comfy and inviting living room, chill-out zone and with its monochrome gray coloring gives a delicate and easy-going accent on the black- gray wall. Touches in sunny beige (the bed’s low base, the living room carpet, the suspended trendy lamp, and the custom-made wooden elements) give a warm accent to the color palette dominated by the trendy trinity of black, white and gray. The terrazzo and marble-likee slabs in the kitchen corner give a hint of luxury to the décor arrangement, and in combination with the white lacquer and glass elements of the decor create purity and sleek modern feel.

one room flat 4

Half- wall partitions define different functions and “rooms“ in the flat. Quite impressive is the plywood, custom-made rectangle near the entrance that provides much-needed storage and appliances location. The bathroom design continues the pure and minimalist decor stylistic and offers luminous entwinement between black and white trendy decor details.

one room flat 6

one room flat 7