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Crooked House – A Perfect Mix of Modern and Traditional


In a mood for something that combines light and dynamics? An unusual contemporary Asian home design – the Crooked house. Light and easy-going modern ambiance composed by the entwinement of wood and osier furniture elements arranged on the base of luminous whiteness and clever modern design insertions.

iiiudesign the crooked house 1

iiiudesign the crooked house 2

Rotating metal door-walls, terrazzo flooring, and creative usage of concrete bricks – this is the elegant, playful, and somehow economical design project of iiiudesign – called the crooked house. The irregular spaces on the first floor of the house host the open- floor composition of the social areas. Placing – as it’s trendy in modern lifestyle dynamic – the kitchen in the heart of the home, the designers, rotated the rest of the daily activities around a clear-lined Kitchen Island.

iiiudesign the crooked house 12

But here the playful irregular shape of the premises, the unexpected cladding solutions – an alternation of terrazzo slabs and undulated wood-imitating surfaces – and the openness of the large floor to ceiling window, walls creates a specific dynamic for the decor composition.

iiiudesign the crooked house 3

The design team introduced a combination of organic and rustic charm elements – like the woven osier furniture and lamp elements and the wooden shelves and tabletops- and some purer and modernistic decor elements: like the modular sofa or the unusual oven – cupboard structure in the center of the space. On the second level of the home, the designers used the unexpected spatial arrangement and irregular shapes again to create dynamic space and decor arrangement.

iiiudesign the crooked house 11

The minimalist furnishing, restrained color, and materials palette and elegant design compositions develop a scope of lightness and spacious ease here as well. Intriguing solutions punctuate the light decor composition. The master bedroom is concealed behind rotating white metal panel doors – fun and dynamic solution for spatial playfulness.

iiiudesign the crooked house 13

One of the bedrooms can double as a reading or office corner with an artistic, custom-made shelving composed by wooden planks and concrete bricks. The purity of the wooden and osier furniture elements is wonderfully supplemented by the soft gray textures (including the cement finishes that introduce certain urban feel to the interior). The bathroom is a jewel of contemporary elegance and intriguing entwinement of pure colors, rounded shapes, and luxurious surfaces.  Photos by Hey! Cheese;

iiiudesign the crooked house 4

iiiudesign the crooked house 6

iiiudesign the crooked house 9

iiiudesign the crooked house 8

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iiiudesign the crooked house 5