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Light-Filled Urban Dwelling in London


Contemporary minimalism, purity, and trendy style insertions – this is the project of Architecture for London transforming a maisonette in an early Victorian house in London into a modern urban dwelling full of natural light. There are several features of this project that we absolutely adore and keep in mind everything in the design composition fallows the latest trends in interior design.

house architecture for london 3

house architecture for london 13

Framed in gorgeous oak beams and thin black metal frames the geometrical configuration of the new spaces (kitchen, dining, and study) has direct eye contact with fresh greenery elements of garden and design composition. Purity meets natural vitality and simplistic modern lines. The trendy tile configurations – mini square tiles with contrasting fugues- enhances the contemporary geometric approach that corresponds with the original brick construct of the Victorian façade – stylish combination of epochs.

house architecture for london 6

house architecture for london 5

house architecture for london 1

The minimalist whiteness and purity of blond wood in the kitchen get a luminous bust from the clever architectural configuration of windows and skylight openings. The same goes for the minimal lines and colors composition of the adjoining dining zone and study, the last of which enjoys a corner window configuration towards the garden. Minimal lines and pure silhouettes dominate the furnishing elements. Cute pieces of custom made shelving, retro-inspired furniture details and entwinement of Victorian richness and modern simplicity composes a well balanced decor configuration.

house architecture for london 4

house architecture for london 2

house architecture for london 12

Trendy design lamps (again with simplistic silhouettes) adorn the premises and add to the contemporary atmosphere. The wooden reading chair with its purple upholstery introduces a bold color modern accent (with retro inspiration) to the minimalist and neutral color palette of the design. Thin metal frames of plant pots and some furniture elements (including in the stylish bathroom decor renovation) give a contrasting black accent to the prevailing whiteness. Stylish and well-measured decor addition for a modern urban lifestyle. Photos by Christian Brailey;

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