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Apartment Refurbishment to Fit a Young Couple Lifestyle


This modem home space in Madrid, Spain is designed by Ventura Estudio for a young, dynamic couple with two dogs. So the easy-going flow of space and the honest and straightforward materials palette corresponds to the lifestyle dynamics of the owners.

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Restrained colors, elegant simplicity of shapes, materials, and nuances compose a space that offers freedom, comfort, and purity. Expose concrete beams and columns in the central social area introduce a touch of industrial aesthetes that is supplemented by the comfy modular sofa arrangement attached to this specific architectural feature. The light gray nuances, the prevailing white, wood and black entwinement in the color palette and the shining polished concrete floors that go throughout the main areas, give the space enhanced light feel.

gdp93 ventura studio 3

The kitchen is located at the other axis of the space leading to the concealed office – guestroom corner. But the open floor plan connects the vast social areas putting the kitchen in the heart of the home like the modern trend in kitchens and the current lifestyle traditions dictate. Concealed behind sliding doors and panels the master bedroom (approachable from the living room area) and the guest bedroom (tugged behind the black kitchen wall) offer privacy and clever solutions for multifunctional spaces. The guest room, for example, doubles as an office space and the bed comes out from the wooden paneling only when needed – clever and stylish trend applied in mini urban dwellings.

gdp93 ventura studio 7

The entwinement of wooden elements, gray textures, and trendy black surfaces offers a specific, modern dynamics and purity the decor composition. The black metal accents that punctuate the decor idea – from the large, sliding door concealing the master bedroom to smaller elements like lamps, tables and of course the trendy black kitchen island and rectangular shapes in that area – give a specific dramatic twist to the purity of the arrangement.

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In the elegant bathroom composition, we encounter, again, the square mini-tiles with contrasting fugues that are so trendy and often used in contemporary apartments and spaces design around the world. A characteristic feature and strong focal point of this bathroom arrangement are the cylindrical, “his and hers”, barrel-like basins, their black solidity supplemented by black metal frames and appliances. Organic insertions from wood complement the trendy urban design of the apartment’s bathroom. Modern and pure like everything else in this design project.  Photos by Juan Baraja;

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