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An Awe-Inspiring Contemporary Art Collection in a Kiev Penthouse


What a young and artistically- inspired design studio from the former soviet block is capable of when given the chance? Let’s discover together. A home like a piece of contemporary art – exploring the lines of minimalism-inspired shapes and colors the Ukrainian designer Yuri Zimenko created this small urban jewel for a young family with a child.

Penthouse Yuri Zimenko 7

Bold and artistic decor solutions, unique pieces of furniture, finishing’s and modern art insertions compose the unique and entertaining ambiance of this small (120 square meters) urban dwelling in Kiev, Ukraine. The dominance of visual lightness, the rejection of unnecessary details, the whiteness of color base allow a play of artistic hints and signature details. The flooring puts the base for this unique composition – the choice of the designer fell on natural parquet, which was painted in a milky color and laid down with a classic herringbone pattern.

Penthouse Yuri Zimenko 6

Like the brush strokes of an artist, a minimalist color accent was selected for each premise; red for the corridor, green in the bedroom, for the living room – warm orange. In order to enhance this artistic technique, the unique furniture pieces are clad in corresponding pattern upholstery and installed on elegant, thin metal legs, giving a trendy visual gap between the flooring and the solid silhouettes of the furnishing. This unusual design approach gives a unique identity to the place and enhances the art pieces feel of the decor composition.

Penthouse Yuri Zimenko 5

Unique pieces of modern art – the paintings by the Belarusian artist Ruslan Vashkevich and the ceramics by Ukrainian artist Lesya Padun match the playfulness of the design idea and enhance the strong wow factor in each space. In the open-plan kitchen-dining-living room arrangement the white purity and minimalism of the decor base are punctuated by the warm orange nuance of each and every design detail – form the beautiful custom-designed furniture pieces, through the custom-made kitchen appliances, to the playful paintings on the wall – vibrant orange hues and splashes give a visual greet.

Penthouse Yuri Zimenko 2

The same symmetry and thoughtfulness, of even the smallest detail, can be observed in each of the other premises of the apartment- the master bedroom with the dominance of sea-green color accents, the bathroom with its minimalist graphic pattern of black and white (including the trendy, irregular tiles with contrasting fugues), the child’s room and event the entree – beautiful, artistic design thru-and-thru, with immaculate attention towards the detail. An intriguing twist in the decor composition is the hint of retro inspiration noticeable in the customized furniture pieces- a playful suggestion that goes perfectly with the modernism of the design idea. Truly exciting design project with a youthful and artistic spirit.  Photos by Andrey Avdeenko;

Penthouse Yuri Zimenko 3

Penthouse Yuri Zimenko 4

Penthouse Yuri Zimenko 1

Penthouse Yuri Zimenko 10

Penthouse Yuri Zimenko 8

Penthouse Yuri Zimenko 9

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