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Small Urban Dwelling by Olga Paliychuk


From the series, small urban dwellings, this time from Kiev Ukraine, this 40 square meters apartment present us with ascetic esthetics and elegant contemporary minimalism with hints of retro socialism. The project carried out by Olga Paliychuk is decided in restrained color palette (dominated by grays and muted shades of brown and green) allowing the textural and material components of the composition to take a leading role. The space is small, but the minimal furnishing and décor details give it spacious, yet functional feel.

small urban dwelling olga paliychuk 4

small urban dwelling olga paliychuk 3

The open-floor connection between sitting, dining, and kitchen zones (in minimalist scale) secures comfortable and modern lifestyle flow. Behind heavy curtains drapery (in forest green) the sleeping zone is secured. The textural element matches the rounded corners sofa upholstery and the rug separating the sitting zone. This ascetic composition carries a slight retro hint – maybe because of the India-rubber plant in front of the arch-shaped mirror or the drapery elements… nonetheless the coffee table and sofa shape and upholstery are also with nostalgic retro aesthetics.

small urban dwelling olga paliychuk 1

small urban dwelling olga paliychuk 5

The kitchen corner has an opposite effect – no textural elements or warm color insertions – smooth modernistic surfaces and shapes, entwinement of black and white and functional arrangement secure, comfortable utilization of kitchen functions in limited urban space. The elegant and luxurious feel of this pure lined decor continues in the bathroom’s design with its marble tiles and clean, modern silhouettes. In the whole apartment’s decor composition noting is too much: noting is less than needed – a synthesis of elegant minimalism and purity of lines – very suitable design approach for small apartments of modern times.

small urban dwelling gif

small urban dwelling olga paliychuk 2

small urban dwelling olga paliychuk 8

small urban dwelling olga paliychuk 7

small urban dwelling olga paliychuk 9