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Duplex Apartment Near Golf Course by Manuel García Asociados


The apartment, divided into two floors, is crowning a residential building ubicated right next to the golf course’s green thanks to which it has a privileged location and views. The base floor, almost diaphanous, includes the day zone and toilet which thanks to two facades offers spacious, communicated and bright spaces. The upper floor, more fragmented, creates the night zone with three bedrooms with their bathrooms. In general, its interior design has sought to organize spaces, simplify their forms, materials and encounters and this way make the living in the apartment easier.

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From the hallway we can see the balance between the natural oak wood presents in floor, ceiling, panelling, and different porcelain stone surfaces. All this, articulated by the white and anthracite grey colour present in the carpentry and furniture created expressly for this project. The result we obtained is a serene, warm and welcoming home with a certain masculine character which totally reflects the taste of its new owners.

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Behind the latticework made of grey slats that delimit and articulate hallway, staircase and living room, is situated living area protected from the views of the main entrance. This latticework highlights the clean and oblique volume that hides the second section of the staircase; as well as natural light coming from the large windows and roof skylight that fill this space with light. At the same time, a visual communication and a crossing of perspectives between the living room and the studio is generated thanks to the transparent TV furniture, made of parsol glass.

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This furniture gives its service to the both spaces, on one hand integrating and disguising the multimedia equipment and on the other offering a bookshelf for the study area. At the same time, it helps to hide an exempt pillar and creates a double circulation around it which is separating but also unifying both zones. The study area is solved by a “flying table” in oak natural wood which is delimited by large volume of the carpentry that solves the necessary storage of the studio and the adjoining dining room where it stands out the presence of this box twinned with the ceiling by the use of indirect light.

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The kitchen, on the other hand, is fully integrated in the entrance area. It is solved by a series of perimeter storage containers from floor to ceiling, lacquered in white that also integrate the difference of the door, toilet and already mentioned storage. The surfaces of working and functional zones have been resolved with different porcelain stones which are bound to the different volumes. Reason why wood has been used on the ceiling was to carry in warmth to this area. In the centre of the kitchen the is an anthracite-lacquered island that stands out and separates working area from breakfast area. Playing once more with the idea of creating boxes or volumes which are twinned inside others.

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Ascending to the first floor, we can observe how is the volume of the staircase and verticality of this space emphasized by steel tensioners fixed from floor to ceiling of the staircase. The materials and volume solutions are a continuity of those used in the lower floor. In the main bedroom as throughout the whole apartment is the carpentry furniture integrated in the architecture itself and like this it solves the multiple needs of this space. Bedroom area is simple, bright and peaceful. Under the window and front panelling, all lacquered in white, there is a bench storage which ends at the wall where the natural oak head of the bed begins.

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The storage has been lacquered in anthracite grey to carry out the use as a counterpoint and anteroom of the bathroom. The bathroom is behind a sliding door made of sun reflective glass which can act as a mirror depending on the change of light. The shower which is very significant for the area of bathroom is entirely covered in black Ceppo di Grè porcelain which connects directly with the natural oak flooring. One of the other two rooms, both with similar characteristics, material and design languages, has been configured as a playground.

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Both of the rooms have an integrated bathroom but, in this case, we used for the shower a Ceppo di Grè porcelain tiles in natural colour to soften the contrasts between materials. That is why in all the bathrooms the exterior walls have been covered with the same matte vinyl paper that creates a neutral continuity with the plastered walls of the rest of the house.

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DUPLEX AT THE GOLF COURSE: Location: San Juan, Alicante; Floor area: 152 m2; Year of realization: 2018; Interior design: Manuel García Asociados; Photography: Diego Opazo;

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