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Cloud House by Akin Atelier


In a mood for something summery fresh and artistically sculptural? We are big fans of the contemporary trend in Australian architecture and design that combines simple rectangular cubs with wooden lattice covers of the façade, giving clever ventilation and sustainable architectural expression for luminous and organic interiors. The Cloud House is a contemporary house design by Akin Atelier located at Bondi Beach, and it carries multiple trades’ characteristic for contemporary housing by Australian architects as well as some unique features that give it a distinctive identity. The main living premises are long and narrow with maximum floor-to-ceiling glass openings to strengthen the fluid connection between gardens and interior premises.

cloud house akin atelier 1

Gifted and intriguingly shaped skylight openings further contribute to the luminous ambiance. The elegant custom-made shelving in the living room and kitchen zones fallows the architectural curve of the irregular walls and ceilings. The design team chose a beautiful alternation between pure whiteness of finishes, surfaces, and soft textural components with the warm caramel accent of natural wood insertions. A dynamic and catching textural composition is set in the living room- whitewash brick wall with modern media- set and luxurious element introduced by the marble shelf is juxtaposed to a rustic wooden slab – coffee table.

cloud house akin atelier 5

Behind trendy glass and metal separation (which allows seamless ventilation and penetration of light) the modern and minimalistically clean kitchen resides, keeping up with the theme of the design – entwinement of white surfaces and natural wood insertions. The trendy marble surfaces and sculptural elements have a strong visual impact in the composition alongside with the cute wooden stools.

cloud house akin atelier 4

In the whole house project the marriage between contemporary purity and functional simplicity is enhanced by the restrained color palette of warm timber, whites, and greys – an approach which fosters a connection with the coastal context of Bondi. No wonder that the project is called Cloud House – it carries its pure and fresh spirit and ensures a free connection with the sky above and the surrounding beautiful courtyards created in collaboration with Dangar Barin Smith.  Photography Murray Fredericks

cloud house akin atelier 7

cloud house akin atelier 6

cloud house akin atelier 11

cloud house akin atelier 9

cloud house akin atelier 2

cloud house akin atelier 8

cloud house akin atelier 3