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Orange Concept Project by Olga Fradina


This concept project by Olga Fradina presents us with an eclectic interior idea that combines hints of rustic aesthetics, modern artistry, and subtle luxury with playful Asian style touches. Using the trendy spatial arrangement of open floor plan connection between kitchen, dining, and living room areas, the designer successfully combines a dynamic set of inspirations in one fluid fashionable and stylish concept.

orange olga fradina 3

orange olga fradina 1

Rough organic textures on walls, floor, and ceiling give a cozy, hut-like feel to the decor composition. The organic aspect of this rustic vibe is used to match the light simplicity of the Asian stylistic insertions – the bamboo graffiti on the main focal center – the wall behind the sofa with its orange dot (giving the name of the design concept Orange). Those pure shapes and silhouettes with their eastern inspiration come in harmony with the modernistic shapes of trendy lighting solutions and unique furniture elements.

orange olga fradina 2

Luxurious modern fell lurks from the plush upholstery, marble-like surfaces, and the deep, bold colors of the sitting elements in the design punctuating the base of the organic materials. The modernistic stainless-steel shine of the sleek kitchen appliances is in dramatic juxtaposition with the rough textures of the rest of the composition. Sculptured shapes of modern lamps and furniture elements alternate with retro details – like the charming heater and stylish decor elements to create eclectic ambiance.

orange olga fradina 5

orange olga fradina 5

orange olga fradina 4

orange olga fradina 6