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Minimalist Style Home by YoDezeen Studio


If you are interested what the current trends in stylish modern design are, just take a look at the latest project by YoDezeen studio. High-end materials, neutral and dark colors, clean lines and minimalism with a hint of luxury – always intriguing, always with impeccable taste.

yodezeen minimalist style home 1

This new project of an apartment in the heart of Kiev has a dynamic spatial arraignment and planning concept that creates fluid connection between the social zones- living, dining and kitchen areas, as well as easy and comfortable relationship between bathroom, bedroom and dressing room – very chill and dynamic movement suitable for a modern lifestyle. Sliding glass doors and mirror partitions create playful connectivity in the privet areas composing a canvas of reflections and open vistas – a dynamic view supplemented by dramatic dark hues and simple lines.

yodezeen minimalist style home 2
The main living area has the same minimalist, yet dramatic and stylish composition starting with the trendy, flexible silhouette of the large modular sofa (inviting, movable and simplistic) and continues in the depth of the long narrow premise with a design arrangement that is rich on textures and expressive surfaces. Natural luxurious materials including wood, stone, granite, metal, and glass alternate and create an ambiance of tactile sensitivity and robust modern angles.

yodezeen minimalist style home 3

The far-end wall, behind the exquisite and minimalist shape of the stone kitchen island, offers a textural accent with large stone slaps covered with rough finishes – playful statement for the focal emphasis of the space end. The kitchen itself is an epitome of modern dosing and sharp urban stylistic – simplistic custom-made shapes, natural and high-end materials, dark colors and unexpected focal accents: functional yet stylish. Like the whole apartments design- behind the clean shapes and simple lines and colors a deep luxurious and unique feel hides.  Photographer: Andrii Shurpenkov

yodezeen minimalist style home 8

yodezeen minimalist style home 11

yodezeen minimalist style home 9

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