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Bouwman House by Sam Crawford Architects


Beautiful contemporary extension of a century-old house in Sydney, Australia carried out by Sam Crawford Architects present us with serenity and purity of expression. The entwinement of wood, concrete, glass, and metal in smoothly curved shapes and unique architectural solutions (like the skylight opening in the main social area) gives the house’s new addition a delicate, organic character beautifully supplemented by the exquisite garden, swimming pool and pond arrangement and the light contemporary interior decor composition.

bouwman house 1

bouwman house 6

In addition to the original four-bedroom red brick cottage, the new expansion offers a contemporary arrangement for social areas- an open plan kitchen, living and dining room configuration, free access to the beautiful courtyard and spacious, full of natural light ambiance for family-time activities.

bouwman house 5

bouwman house 18

bouwman house 3

Following the smooth curve of the concrete, monolithic wall the passage from the cottage to the new extension leads to the open space of the kitchen-dining-living room combo where contemporary furniture pieces with clean lines and large paintings on the walls supplement the multiple floor-to-ceiling windows adding to the spacious feel of the place.

bouwman house 13

Wood and concrete structures compose not only the architectural spine but also some of the furniture structures. Simple rectangular shapes, gray textures and furniture elements, monolith wooden table tops, and kitchen island bases add to the pure and clean feel of the home’s atmosphere. An epitome of contemporary home design sustained in an elegant and subtly luxurious manner.  Photos by Brett Boardman;

bouwman house 7

bouwman house 9

bouwman house 4

bouwman house 12

bouwman house 15

bouwman house 2

bouwman house 17

bouwman house 16