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Eretz Apartment by Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados


A fine art gallery-like ambiance, vast open spaces, extensive wooden cladding, large pieces of furniture, and plasticity of shapes- what it is? You guessed – a contemporary Brazilian home design project.

brazilian home design project

brazilian home design project 8

The home created by Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados aims not only for comfortable contemporary living conditions but also possesses a hint of modern minimalism on the tapestry of which the rich art collection of the owners can stand out. Intriguing collection items from artists like: James Kudo, Marcia Xavier, Betina Vaz, Estela Sokol, Guilherme Dable, Arthur Lescher, and Laura Vinci are arranged in tasteful and elegant way amongst the flexible spatial composition provided by the architectural shell.

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brazilian home design project 2

The main social areas possess an inner-connection that gives spaciousness and flexibility of movement- rotating wall panes act as doors and can open or enclose different regions of the social zones. Large, floor-to-ceiling sliding windows connect the daily premises with the beautiful terrace-garden where amazing patio furniture details and aquarium-like swimming pool invite the inhabitants to enjoy the warm Brazilian climate. Exquisite!

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brazilian home design project 7

The extensive wooden cladding of walls, structures, and ceilings entwines beautifully with the minimalist white surfaces, allowing the intriguing furniture elements from the owners’ collection to stand out. Iconic pieces of contemporary design, give strong focal point to the clean and minimalist open space – the expressive blue color of the Papilio armchairs by Naoto Fukasawa introduces Azul serenity of color splash in one of the lounge areas, and together with the Terminal One chaise designed by Jean Marei Massaud give a modernistic plasticity of shape to the simple rectangular arrangement of the easygoing architectural shell.

brazilian home design project 12

Special attention was paid to the illumination project of the home, allowing the art collection and other iconic design pieces of furniture to stand out in their own spotlight. A cozy niche with custom made shelving hosts a library – reading zone, equipped, again with iconic furniture elements, this time the P22 armchairs by Patrick Norguet in burgundy red. Photos: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG, Ricardo Bassetti;

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