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POBO Asian Bistro by DA. bureau


When one designs a place of ”smart food” a.k.a. – Fast but healthy food – one can allow oneself to be overtaken by a playful spirit with an organic twist for the design. The project of new Poke Bowl Bistro carried out by DA. Bureau is precisely this – unformal, artistic and organic with an abundance of raw materials, playful splashes of color and abundance of greenery – a pleasant urban hub for the enjoyment of traditional Hawaiian food.

asian bistro da bureau 4

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The design team encountered the original space for the new POKE restaurant in dire conditions but used its raw appearance as an inspiration push instead as an obstacle. Transforming the large marble slabs which they discovered on the floor into a decorative self-leveling floor with stone inserts, or leaving walls and ceiling almost unfinished the design team created hones and dynamic ambiance. Using a single, expressive material: colored metal to compose most of the leading furniture elements, even doors, gave unity and unique expression to the decor idea. Alternating clear geometrical shapes and metal structures with cheerful color selection, the creators achieved fresh and easy-going ambiance.

asian bistro da bureau 5
Trendy insertions ( not only the unusual read on terrazzo flooring) like the square tile claddings with contrasting fugues, or the suspended plant pots on the top of the metal structures of bars and sitting zones, give to the place its dynamic urban atmosphere. We love the way the soft gray sitting elements are paired up with bright yellow, metal framing, a touch that introduces a very stylish vibration, which sits perfectly with the raw concrete finishes on the wall- stylish and youthful.

asian bistro da bureau 6
The concept of fast food allows the place to preserve its dynamic and informal expression without contradiction with the artistic and playful solutions and the custom-made furniture and decorative elements. A cheerful urban vibe for dynamic and friendly experience of dining. Photos by: Sergey Melnikov, Boris Lvovsky;

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