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Home Like a Cubist-Inspired Painting


A home like a cubist-inspired painting for an art-loving owner. A play of shapes, rounded corners, and bold colors compose this contemporary art project design by ye Rong, located in Chengdu, China. Introducing inspired entwinement of colors, cubical shapes, half ovals, and circular mirrors the design team achieved dynamic and unique expression for the decor idea. The apartment consist of open plan social areas with custom made structure in the middle separating the entrance and the sitting zone and offering an unusual island with storage units. Customize wine shelving on one side, and elegant dining table on the other provide a central social hub for the main living area.

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On one side of it, a cute kitchen corner is tugged behind trendy glass and black metal separation walls. On the other, a bar-like sitting with mirror wall insertion gives an illusory depth perception and a trendy, friends-gathering opportunity. In the far end of the long exposition space a sitting zone with cozy and modern furniture pieces and rich textural elements resides. Trendy terrazzo tile flooring of entrance and living room areas allows the unusual structures and colors above to stand out. Splashes of hot pink, peach, and terracotta entwine with more masculine accents in blue, gray, and browns creating well- balanced color inspiration.

apartment project 58 sq m 8

The two bedrooms of the apartment also carry their signature color expression offering a warm, artistic, and cozy atmosphere. The unusual furniture pieces – each featuring half circle or a full one: expressively bent metal frames, unique design lamps, and circular mirrors are characteristic for the whole apartment’s design idea. Some of those artistic décor elements deserve special attention like the beautiful dressing armoire in the master bedroom – navy blue with sparkling brass insertions – stylish, trendy and picturesque, or the cute velvet, metal bench at the entrance of the home offering entwinement of cubical shapes and opposing materials, or even the metal framed side table in the living room – all dynamic and unusual design furniture pieces.  Photos: lomo;

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