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Complex of Student Apartments on the Caribbean Island of Grenada


This is one very unusual and inspiring architectural project that carries the hints of tropical leisure and brutalism movement inspirations in one compact design idea. It is a complex of student apartments located on the Caribbean island of Grenada, in an area close to St. George’s University. To be a student there, eh?

student apartments grenada 15

student apartments grenada 9

The architectural construct, with its honest expression and entwinement of concrete and wood, cried on in characteristic lines and curves, is a work of architect Artem Trigubchak. The interiors of the student apartments, which continue the purity of the architectural shell, are created by Lera Brumina. A project of unusual juxtapositions: urban brutalism and simplicity of materials amongst tropical gardens and swimming pool areas, and the elegant stylistics of modern architecture and design for temporary student housing. Let’s explore closer.

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Due to the challenging natural terrain and the significant slope of the plot, the leveling of the building and the housing location are not what they seem. The first level, the lowest level of the area, contains the reception zone and the parking lot, and the entrance of the building is located in the beautiful inside courtyard structure with its curved spirals and gallery-like arrangement. The second, third, and fourth levels contain the apartments in a gallery- like sequence and unexpected third level access to swimming pool area as well as some communal zones on this and next levers. The last one – the fifth level host roof terrace. How would you like that for a dorm?

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student apartments grenada 11

The interiors of the apartments’ continue the honest and straightforward entwinement of beautiful dark wood structures and pure-gray, concrete walls. Here an additional color and materials insertions add a playful touch to the clear-lined stylistic and elegant expression of this project. The custom-made structures – in this count, the beautiful dark wood wooden cubical containing the bathroom and kitchen zone on its rear – add a specific character to the composition of the apartments. Small but efficient space with all necessary zoning defined by furniture units- just genius expression of modern trend. The bedroom – living room combo is divided by angular twist of the unit structure holding the bed and the sofa on opposed sides and in the middle: small library shelving – elegant and dynamic solution for uni-space design.

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