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Jun An Li Project Located in Mogan Mountain


In Mogan Mountain, nature is the only protagonist. From architecture to interior design, the main idea is to be close to nature and feel nature. The interior design strives to create a comparable indoor living environment, so that the residents can feel the magnificence of the landscape and the authenticity of nature from indoor. At this time, the residents are the only protagonists.

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In contemporary residential design, more and more attention has been paid to the personal experience of the occupants, but in this Jun An Li project which located in Mogan Mountain, we should draw the attention to human and nature coexist in harmony. Designer follow the design principle of returning to nature, dwelling with the concept of “less is more”, and seek simplicity. Luxury to the extreme is a sense of ease and quiet.

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The walls of the living room are painted white, and the marble on the ground is mainly white. In order to better enjoy nature and integrate into nature, designer deliberately simplify the tangible decoration.

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The stairwell is made of warm logs, and the sculpture falling from the ceiling like a drop of water falling into the black disc below. The black water droplets hanging in the air are composed of irregular black blocks of wood, which are made by discarded wood from the construction site. Designer wants to advocate an environmentally friendly lifestyle in this way.

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The main color of bedroom space is still white, Pale wooden floors, white wall, a bottle of elegant flower and a unique sculpture, an artistic chandelier, creating a gentle and quiet place for live in. Designer wants to convey the elegance of country lifestyle, far away from the noise of the city, and abandon the tedious.

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Project Name: Mogan Mountain Jun An Li; Design Company: Guangzhou Herabenna Interior Design Co., Ltd.; Designer: Zhijun Zhong; Project area: 150㎡; Completion time: May 2018; Photography: Feng Lin; Project address: Jun An Li Resort, Mogan Mountain Huzhou City, Zhejiang China;

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