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A Simple Transformation that Maximised Garden Space


Thornbury House is a contemporary home project in Australia composed by simple cubical volumes, organic materials palette ( entwinement of timber and cement sheets cladding for the upper level of the house) and stylish and minimalistic decors compose modern purity and comfort. Creating the extension and the new layout of the house the architects form Olaver Architecture were guided by sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and maintenance. Creating clever double height and fan heating and ventilation systems, fallowing the thermal mass process and optimizing sun and shadow penetration, the architectural team achieved crisp and easy-going ambiance.

thornbury house olaver architecture 1

thornbury house olaver architecture 11

thornbury house olaver architecture 4

The interior of the home fallows the elegant minimalism and organic simplicity of the architectural shell using custom-made Vic Ash timber structures, polished concrete floors, terracotta and tile insertions as well as stylish and clear-lined furniture details to create a functional and modern ambiance. The kitchen as in many contemporary home projects is in the heart of the spatial arraignment on the ground floor – situated with the rest of the social zones- dining and sitting rooms – in a timber clad serenity with direct access to the courtyard. Floor-to-ceiling windows, double height volumes, and purity of wooden structures create spacious and easy going atmosphere.

thornbury house olaver architecture 7

We love the way the wooden accents punctuate the modern decor composition – the retro-inspired kitchen island, the stylish table and chairs set, the elegant staircase to the upper level, the custom-made shelving and especially the wooden window niche are all accents with strong visual and aesthetical presence. Supplemented by light color palette, elegant textiles and signature touch rounded corners the organic materials allow the home to shine in purity and functional ease. Trendy black hexagonal tiles with contrasting fugues in the barroom in addition to elegant appliances and furniture insertions continue the stylish decor composition of the main areas even in the privet ones. Beautiful and well-balanced home for growing family.  Photos by Ben Clement;

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