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48 Square Meter House with a Functional Interior Decor


This house was a general set of one bedroom with one living room. With 43 square meters, this house was divided into separated bedroom, living room, kitchen room, and bathroom by three partition walls.

suli house luo xiuda 1

After renovation: All partition walls were removed. Bathroom with box-concept was installed, a transparent partition book-shelf was installed, and an integrated functional platform was set. All of the above formed a new room model.

suli house luo xiuda 6

Open-type collection: Daily used shoes, clothes, bags can be matched up here, so house owner can easily dressed before going outside. An angle from the entryway to the living room.

suli house luo xiuda 3

After removed removable furniture, space is still there. Curtain beside the dressing table can separate a private sleeping space at night. A white central axis ceiling goes through the living room and bedroom. After the removing of the walls surface, the concrete texture of the structure is saved, which makes a bright contrast with the white ceiling.

suli house luo xiuda 5

In this angle, the spatial relationship among living room, bedroom, dressing table, and bathroom can be seen. Bathroom as a whole was installed into the whole space in the form of a box. The black round holes on the platform are wind outlet with heating installed inside. Seeing through book-shelf, sofa and bed are set under a white ceiling in order.

suli house luo xiuda 9

On the transition place between the living room and kitchen room set a bar counter with L shape and made from marble. It tries not to block the sunshine. Usually, this is the place of eating and working. From this place, the house owner can also enjoy the natural flavor from the green plants outside of the window.  Photos by Weiqi Jin;

suli house luo xiuda 8

suli house luo xiuda 4

suli house luo xiuda 7