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Apartment Decor with Elegant Textures of Light Wood and Marble


Named with the intriguing Nude Apartment name this project of MONO architects is exemplary with is open, contemporary design arrangement dominated by elegant luxury and monochrome color palette. Playing with rectangular volumes, clear lines, and open spaces, the design team created a space of tranquility and well-balanced entwinement of luxury and style.

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The subdued color and shapes composition allows the precious materials palette to stand out and give identity to the place décor. Light wood, marble, glass, sparkling metal and elegant textures in soft shades of gray, sand and white enhance the open and spacious feel of the arrangement.

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The spatial composition is divided into two zones – day and night, the first one includes an open flow between kitchen, dining, and soft lounge. Behind a partial wall composed by elegant custom-made shelving, two corridors lead towards the two bedrooms and bathrooms areas. In the daily zones, the simple silhouettes and monochrome colors are punctuated by the strong focal accents of the marble kitchen island and the corresponding marble wall with media set on the opposite side.

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A good balance that gives the large comfortable sofa and artistic design coffee tables a standing presence, same for the beautiful pure silhouettes of the dining table- chairs set. The trendy sparkle of precious brass décor insertions spices up the luxurious elegance of the place. The sculptured shape of the dining table and the intriguing lamp’s design above it, are a creation of designer Dmitry Kozinenko adding a signature touch to the composition.

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The master bedroom also has the glamorous accent of trendy brass insertions – again double role; lamp-pot sculptures that enhance the elegant and luxurious feel of the space. The play of sands, grays, and whites creates pure and welcoming atmosphere supplementing the simple and elegant shapes. Walk-in closed with custom-made shelving allows, in its simplicity, to straighten the spacious and luxurious vibe of this Ukrainian home. The stainless steel accessories in the bathrooms (as well as all of the shelving and cabinet furniture throughout the apartment) were specially designed by the studio and manufactured by Ukrainian firms. Photo by Andrey Avdeenko;

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