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Kitchen Design Trends 2020 / 2021 – Colors, Materials & Ideas


A tendency we have observed on the word’s design scene and brought to your attention in our previous articles, is that the lifestyle of modern homeowners and the new type of family’s dynamic puts the kitchen into the heart of the home – thus creating a new style of open floor arrangement and fluid motion between different functional zones.

kitchen design trends interiorzine

Modern designers search for a fluid sequence of rooms in an open floor plan, a composition that often includes neat and tidy kitchen, stylish dining, and an inviting living room arrangement – all suitable for multidimensional lifestyle. After all, in our overly busy life, there is nothing more desired than time and that kind of space configuration allows modern people to combine the preparation and consumption of food with social and family-time activities. Precious!

kitchen design trends interiorzine 1

From a design point of view, this composition requires the decor to be unburdened from unnecessary design elements and to offer functional, stylish, and minimalist utilization. So, modern brands and designers aim for agile, movable, and tidy furniture elements to equip the central part of the home – the kitchen without making it too heavy for its surrounding. The principle hide it if you can – becomes quite popular.

kitchen design trends interiorzine 3

After all, if you can use sliding doors, hidden movable constructs, and surfaces with multiple applications to achieve a tidy and clear-lined kitchen design, why not? But this minimalism of lines and structures does not mean that the expression of the kitchen composition stops relying on luxurious and precious materials. Indeed we observe quite the opposite – as the utilitarian and elegant functionalism in the heart of the home progresses, modern designers tend to use precious and expressive materials to create a focal center of the kitchen’s decor.

kitchen design trends interiorzine 22

Natural materials like marble, granite, exquisite wood and glamorous metal accents from brass and copper are often part of the designers’ selection for the kitchen assembly. Glass and stone details are also present in contemporary projects. But let’s explore in depth the trends in materials and finishes.

kitchen design trends interiorzine 3 1

Kitchen Cabinet Materials & Finishes

Giving the kitchen a central role of the spatial arrangement and connecting it with the rest of the social areas means that its design is essential for the final outlook of the interior décor composition. The kitchen aesthetics and stylish look are tied up with the rest of the design composition as stylistics. But here the designers’ choices and general situation are a bit more complicated because the kitchen must be not only stylish and artistic as composition, comfortable for movement and work, it also needs to be suitable and material-proofed for great variety of delicate activities; from cleaning vegetables, chopping or roasting meat to stirring sauces, or steaming entire courses. So, contemporary kitchen design ideas and materials must combine stylish aesthetics with durable and functional finishes and material choices.

kitchen cabinet materials Fendi Casa 5

The materials combinations and inspired stylistics of Fendi Cucina projects entwine tradition-based timelessness and innovative insertions based on continuous research and inspired innovations. Using luxurious materials combinations of Calacatta Gold marble and Copper Bronze, the designers of the brand created well-balanced kitchen’ s decor, where aesthetic and functional parameters blend in harmony to compose an atmosphere of convivial comfort. Their Ginger model shows the union of many different materials in one stylish and solid kitchen island experience: marble, Canaletto wood, stainless steel, lacquered and glass all harmoniously combine together in one smooth touch-to-open kitchen body offering the possibility of easy-going continuity with the living area.

kitchen cabinet materials Fendi Casa 4

Facing the challenge of modern lifestyle, which requires the kitchens to be simultaneously; functional workhorses and stylish entertaining hubs, designers Arclinea and Antonio Citterio tap into the zeitgeist with an artistic and unique solution for both needs.

arclinea kitchen lignum et lapis 9

With its kitchen sculpture aesthetics the Lignum et Lapis is a refined mixed-media island with teak drawer fronts and side panels. The top part formed by a hefty Carrara marble slab is cleverly designed to extend; on one side it offers bar seating (with footrest) for guests and, on the other, a chef-worthy work surface with gorgeous walnut insertions plus flush-mounted induction hob, and a deep stainless-steel sink and drip guard.

arclinea kitchen lignum et lapis 10

Another Zeitgeist project with a luxurious vibe is the Arabescatto Corchia kitchen model that takes its inspiration from the luxurious arabesque marble turning it, through innovation, into a rich textural experiment. The dark gray veins and the fine grain of the Italian white marble are used as an inspiration point to form an arabesque with great decorative potential without compromising with the sophistication and character innate of the inspiration source. As we established, luxurious marble will have its great comeback in kitchens design trends. However, new technology and innovations allow substitutes, marble or stone based surfaces and intriguing textures to enter the modern design scene.

arabescatto corchia estrella kitchen materials 7

arabescatto corchia estrella kitchen materials 8

As you have probably noticed so far, the touch-to-open and handle-free smoothens of the kitchen structures are becoming quite a trend. This project by Vincent Van Duysen reinterprets the recessed handle detail in a modern and sophisticated key, entwining caramel wood and dark surfaces the designer leaves the stone gray surface of the countertop to take a visual lead. The alternation of materials and the interplay of solids and voids creates dynamic and sophisticated kitchen décor.

dada kitchen glass bronze raw metal

The most recent Dada kitchen creations combine natural and sophisticated materials, such as glass, bronze, raw metal and beautiful wood to create an ambiance of row elegance and warm tonality combinations between sand and rock.

dada kitchen glass bronze raw metal 1

Play of light and chiaroscuro effects created by new technology used on a classic material. Michele De Lucchi has designed for Ernestomeda a limited edition capsule collection where a network of strips dictates the rhythm of the wooden panels composing the main structures. The 3D design of the surface is inspired by the sketches and sculptures in the Cataste series by Michele De Lucchi. Using advanced technology and the exquisite material of European ash, the design team redefined the kitchen as an object that has aesthetic and stylish value.

kitchen cabinet materials wooden panels 2

kitchen cabinet materials wooden panels 3

An amazing visual and textural experience by this physic-defying stone kitchen project. Creating a feel of weightlessness by a visual illusion of suspended main bloc of the kitchen island, the design idea entwines the shimmering surfaces of the real ocean green stone veneer and the beautiful walnut wood of the base. This harmonious dialog between the materials gives a unique character to the design creation in addition to the breathtaking richens of textural impact when real materials are used.

kitchen cabinet materials stone 1

kitchen cabinet materials stone

N_Elle Modern Kitchen In Marble – and of course, we cannot forget the timeless luxury of marble. It is always in style, always elegant. In this sculptural creation by Cesar the modern minimalism inspiration finds its suitable expression into a single, straight-lined block of gorgeous dark marble, proving that contemporary aesthetics can find minimalist beauty in luxury.

kitchen with island N ELLE 35

kitchen with island N ELLE 34

kitchen with island N ELLE 33

metal used accent kitchen 6

1. Metal Textures are Combined with Contrasting Colored Surfaces

Clad in stone, granite, marble with the occasional wooden accent in addition. Often the metal insertion is also used as an accent – framing of the kitchen hood, basic line in shelves or kitchen island constructs, and as a detail in the lighting installation. In rare occasions, the metal is used as a cladding suffuse for the whole kitchen cabinetry. When done with а style it has a wonderful effect – especially in more rustic settings. (mostly with gold and silver shine, copper and brass).

metal used accent kitchen 5

2. Visually Lightening the Top Row of Kitchen Cabinets

Using suspended metal frames as shelves or internally – illuminated glass cases the modern designers give visual spaciousness for the top row of cabinets. Often in modern design projects, this configuration is entirely absent, and the cabinetry is located in one-wall-unit for all the dishes and utensils.

top row kitchen cabinets 4

This is one of the creative ways to escapee the classic and a bit boring arrangement of lower and upper layers of kitchen cabinetry. The internal illumination of the glass cases is not only practical, but it gives a luxurious vibe to the decor composition. In this kitchen project, the glass shelving on the base of the kitchen island adds a certain lightness and airy feel to the whole space composition.

top row kitchen cabinets 1

3. Oven as Focal Point in the Kitchen

It can be not only а practical but also а stylish modern choice for kitchen design. A composition of wall cabinets with a niche in the middle is quite a popular design choice because it can store the kitchen ovens, sink or cooking unit in a tidy and elegant manner. The designers often use different shades of the same color or textural duality to underline the niche. Ovens (even 2 or 3) integrated into the wall niche can be easily left as a decor accent. In some projects, they are visually emphasized with lighting installations surrounding them.

oven focal point kitchen 2

oven focal point kitchen 3 1

oven focal point kitchen 3

4.Trendy color choices for the kitchen:

Pastel tonalities, muted greens, actually, any variation of greens – from the blue-greens of the sea to the graffiti and grayish tonalities with a delicate green hue are highly acceptable for this season kitchen design.

trendy color choice kitchen 8

Black and white graphic juxtaposition is also ok but in a stylish combination with wooden or metallic accents. A new application of the white accent is the bleached wooden or stone surface that introduces the light focal point.

trendy color choice kitchen 7

The black, on the other hand, is often used as a discreet metal framing and appliances accent. This influence of black as framing can be traced back to the bathrooms’ design trend where the black fugues are a hot fashion and expressive graphics juxtaposition of modern décor combinations.

trendy color choice kitchen 6

5. Materials Hot This Season:

Surfaces replicating stone and marble are quite popular. Combined with wood and laminate in a monochrome color selection, they have quite clean and stylish emanation. Another possibility of combination for the luxurious touch of marble and stone is with a gem of different texture and color.

surfaces replicating stone marble 1

surfaces replicating stone marble 2

6. Tendency of Limited Urban Spaces:

As we have mentioned on previous occasions, the tendency of limited urban spaces and shrinking apartments in big cities leads to creative innovations in the word of modern design. An intriguing example of this creativity is the project of a hidden kitchen Boxlife by Scavolini. In its essence this is a monolith furniture unit with three zones; kitchen, living room and bedroom, all combined in one flexible wall to wall structure. Closing the wall panels all traces of kitchen disappear and the space left can be used as a living room, dining zone, or even a bedroom – with a wall hide bed.

limited urban space kitchen 1

limited urban space kitchen 3

limited urban space kitchen 2

The Dark Colored Kitchens Are still Trendy

Of course, we don’t talk about that shining black kitchen surfaces from the early 2000’s paired with white lacquer cabinetry. No, the new season of 2020/2021 is looking up for more modern-classic look with muted and matte surfaces, where exquisite dark stone and vined granite or marble give a dramatic layering and slight difference in hues to compose a dark sophistication.

metal kitchen cabinets glamorous look 11

Observing the current décor scene we are quite happy that modern designers are not afraid to experiment with moody or dramatic darkness in the kitchen area, especially when paired up with organic materials. You should not be afraid too. Embrace the darker color palette, pair up your black accent with contrasting rich coffee browns, woods, shades of grey, taupe or biscuit beige, and you will have trendy, warm and welcoming kitchen ambiance.

trendy dark colored kitchen 2

The classic beauty and luxurious feel of the stone or marble countertops and cabinets cladding brings a specific sophisticated touch when introduced in dark color and varying shades. Especially when paired up with clean and modern lines and absolute simplicity of expression.

trendy dark colored kitchen 1

The search of dramatic and luxurious dark effect in the kitchen ambiance can be achieved with a hint of color – the deep green is perfect for your modern inspirations. Green kitchen cabinetry is set to be a new, key style. That forest green inspiration can be balanced and spiced up with some metallic accents (also a trendy insertion), smoky glass or creamy latte shades. Here are some more trendy color selections for the upcoming design season.

green blue kitchen 4

Petrol green – another green inspiration into your life, this particular shade is coming with speed from 2018 but it will continue its artistic appearances in the upcoming season of 2020-21. Its plant nuances and darker hues bring freshness and inspiration into the kitchen. Moss green, sage green, and hunter green are also not to be forgotten or looked over. Some beautiful design projects use them spectacularly.

blue green kitchen

Dark Blue – it connects wonderfully with the green, but it is also a trendy standalone choice. The navy blue is the one observed recently with more intense presence. Although the psychology of colors and their mood defining qualities give to the blue tranquilizing and appetite suppressing qualities, the deeper and darker shade of the navy blue sits magnificently in modern kitchen interiors. It combines harmoniously with many other colors, especially grays.

dark blue kitchen 2

If you are more “warm and cozy”- kitchen experience person then consider earthly tonalities – they are emerging fast and hot as a top trend in kitchen design. Great variations here from mushroom tones and moss to terracotta and soft beige. All of the above color choices combine effortlessly with wooden accents, copper and gold fixtures, giving the kitchen a special trendy dash. Some playful touches of expressive pastels are not out of style…

deep red kitchen 2

But do not forget the classic elegance of Black and White. It is also a popular choice with contemporary designers for the upcoming season.This combination sustained in elegant minimalism, and timeless charm always gives certain sophistication and expressive character to any kitchen configuration.

deep red kitchen 1

This monochromatic, piano-like, scheme is a long-time favorite of designers and homeowners. Its timeless charm adds a sense of sophistication in any kitchen, regardless of how it’s applied.

terracotta color kitchen

sobo studio sienna color kitchen 4

Metal Kitchen Cabinets Ideas – Giving a Glamorous Look

The fashion of using metal insertions and metallic shine is peaking up a speed. Not only precious brass and copper sparkles are filling up the interior decor composition, but classic chrome and stainless steel are straightening their positions. Only this time intriguing choices like pieces plucked from old factories and machines give an artistic and industrial vibe to a modern kitchen’s decor.

metal kitchen cabinets glamorous look 1

Metal not only as accents and delicate parts cladding from lamps, appliances, and fittings but metal as a constructive part of furniture elements, cubbies and island are present in the new season kitchen design projects. Varying from industrial aesthetics to warm rustic shine of weathered and worn-looking metal structures, the metal materials give unique charm and a glamorous wink to modern kitchens’ design. Let’s take a closer look at some award-winning kitchen design ideas that introduce the precious metallic sparkle in our lives.

metal kitchen cabinets glamorous look 2

Alpes Inox Liberi in Cucina presents us with linear, stainless steel kitchen – where flexibly fitting pieces of classic yet minimalist modern appliances can be arranged in any personal kitchen setting. Combining all the kitchen essentials; washing, food preparation, cooking, conservation, and storage.‎

metal kitchen cabinets glamorous look 3

You can choose what part of your trendy kitchen will feature the warm and rich tactile session of metallic finishes. Only a delicate accent here and there, sizable furniture piece or just one central structure that will become an exquisite focal point to your decor arrangement? Move your imagination. Put a bold focal center – like the kitchen island for example – just check out the majestic presence of this linear kitchen composed of brass.

bogdan ciocodeica brass kitchen decor

In an elegant and stylish combination with solid wood elements, the kitchen décor project called FORM 45 is specially created for Multiform’s latest read on the classic Scandinavian kitchen. Its pure shapes, sharp edges, and clean lines find a magnificent interpretation in this contemporary project. Entwining freestanding silhouettes, suspended shapes and geometric forms in an organic materials palette: oak and brass, the creators achieved expressive beauty and everyday luxury.

metal kitchen cabinets glamorous look 12

This creation, on the other hand, is custom-made by Danish brand Reform, which was tasked with updating standard IKEA cabinetry with brass doors to create this amazing warm magic and golden-toned kitchen at the headquarters of Copenhagen-based fashion designer Stine Goya. A glamorous look of an everyday standard object to match the designer’s clothing collection.

metal kitchen cabinets glamorous look 33

Among other products – zeyko kitchen, highlighted a new surface from the Metal-L , a combination of a hand-filled base surface and an industrial metallic top lacquer. The warm wood tones of the longboard with a cherry veneer complements the modern metallic look, to give a warm and homely overall appearance.

metal kitchen cabinets glamorous look 13

The unique and stylish dialogue between rough, dark slate-stone structure and shiny, light copper accents in this project is perfect to finish our summon-up of the upcoming kitchen design trends for 2020-2021. Precious materials, bold colors, and nuances play between dark and sparkle, smooth and rough and the massive, organic presence of stone and marble are some of the most distinctive trades which one can expect to encounter in kitchens’ design in the coming years.

copper kitchen 11