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Young Couple Modern Bohemian Home


Design team ZOOI Interior studio worked on this limited livable space – only 42 square meters to compose a trendy, functional and spacious, in feel, decor arrangement for a young couple. Using some jazzy accents (leather couches and bar stools, brass and copper accents, dark tonalities and rough materials) in combination with dynamic, urban stylistics (exposed piping and wiring, bare concrete structures and straightforward shapes and angles) the designers achieved unexpectedly welcoming and utterly stylish ambiance.

zooi design bohemian city home 1

zooi design bohemian city home 12

The main space configuration offers a dynamic and open connection between the bar-like kitchen decor and the cozy, welcoming living room corner. Here retro furniture elements – including the gorgeous Chesterfield 70’ts sofa – coexist with exposed concrete ceiling slabs and micro-cement finishes to create a snuggling feel of dark tonalities. The kitchen and dining bar configuration has more open and dynamic expression, and the beautiful custom -made shelving with its structural ribs from trendy brass add to the jazzy and artistic vibe of the interior.

zooi design bohemian city home 3

The bedroom niche is the most interesting and clever space arrangement element of the space flow. Hidden in the cozy embrace of floor-to-ceiling curtains and partial cement-covered walls the resting space can be opened for additional spacious fell – or closed for privacy. A dynamic and stylish choice for a modern urban lifestyle. We love the aged retro feel of the large mirror sitting as a crooked accent in the hallway, where tidy storage units and shelving offer functionality of modern life, without taking from the limited space. The bathroom, on the other hand, has quite a spacious feel and the intriguing accent of the micro-cement finishes on the walls paired up with black frames and dark wood insertions. Creating a cozy ambiance without compromising with its purity. Photos by Andrey Bezuglov;

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