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Open Floor Plan Apartment by Sens Studio


Trendy and young Sens Studio created this contemporary apartment ambiance in Saint Petersburg, Russia using memorable combinations between marble-terrazzo and pastel colors, and between urban and stylish aesthetics.

garage apartment sens studio 15

garage apartment sens studio 14

garage apartment sens studio 1

The usage of a retro material such as terrazzo (its first peak in homes’ design was in the 70 ts) nowadays extend its applications and variations – so, is no longer only cladding and floor material (although in this stylish project is used as both) but it also becomes a furniture and decoration element. Here, the light and youthful ambiance of the decor offers some very felicitous usage ideas for this hot and trendy material.

garage apartment sens studio 5

garage apartment sens studio 4

The apartment’s layout is dynamic and entertaining as its decor elements: open floor plan composition hosts the minimalist kitchen design, the playful dining table-chairs-benches set and just behind the corner a stylish living room setting. Here, separated from the artistic terrazzo floors by a beautiful, rough material rug, a composition of large modular sofa (also a very contemporary accent) and stylish decorative objects gives in a dynamic plasticity of shapes art-gallery-like vibe. Very organic and fashionable.

garage apartment sens studio 3

The natural rug used as flooring separation also allows the terrazzo furniture elements- from coffee tables to bases of lamps- to stand out with their variety and inspired read on color and textural variations of this amazing material so freely used throughout the apartment’s interior.

garage apartment sens studio 13

Sliding panels, with Asian inspiration, offer privacy for the privet quarters and easy going mobility of the space flow. Custom-made furniture pieces (mainly playful shelves and storage units) coexist with fashionable design signature furniture elements. In addition to this eye-filling abundance of beautiful decor elements and attention toward small details, the basic entwinement of wood and concrete, exposed piping and graphic black framing, creates a balance between stylish and urban aesthetics.

garage apartment sens studio 12

We love the fresh color compositions used by the design team: just check out the customized kitchen corner that entwines mint-green with stylish gray. Altogether the apartment’s ambiance is fresh and unique, with dynamic artistry and delightful attention towards its smallest components.

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