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Gonzaga – a Light that Seems to Dance in Space


Gonzaga: a light that seems to dance in space with its minimal geometric shapes on which lights and shadows chase each other to infinity, generating a silent cinematic dynamism.

karman italia gonzaga lamp 2

To take creative inspiration form the history and iconography of the Renaissance, transferring all of a period’s charm to a more contemporary setting – was the principle aim guiding Luca De Bona, Dario De Meo and Matteo Ugolini in the creation of the new Karman pendant lamp, Gonzaga.

karman italia gonzaga lamp 5

karman italia gonzaga lamp 3

Inspired by the portraits of princes and dukes and specifically, the “motif” of the neck ruff, but also by the eastern-style atmosphere created by nodowa (Japanese collars in metal sheet) and wagasa (traditional umbrellas) – Gonzaga consists of a pleated metal shade that surrounds a diffuser in blown glass and a LED light source, creating a lamp that seems to take its minimalist geometry on a dance through space, using the dramatic dynamism created with light and shadow that seem to endlessly chase after one another.

karman italia gonzaga lamp 1

The fastening mechanism that allows the lamp to be directed as required, creates eccentric atmospheres with a late Renaissance feel, or more intimate, cosy interiors with a hint of Japanese style. Available in two sizes and two versions: white or black painted aluminium or natural brass. For indoor or outdoor use.

karman italia gonzaga lamp 4