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Sofas and Modular Elements with Welcoming Cocooning Effect by Frag


Winnie is a family which includes a lounge chair and a sofa, both characterized by incredibly generous shapes and upholstery that invites one to relax, where the leather covered shell draws the seat and the back, curving to form a sort of nest. Inside, a single leather-covered cushion, is curved to form a U, defining an intimate space, a refuge, into which one can sink, spoiled by the precious softness of the material.

frag focus sofas modular elements 1

The welcoming cocooning effect is also visually accentuated by the delicate folds that undulate the surface of the cushion, accentuating its roundness and attributing an informal touch to the project that is juxtaposed, in a perfect marriage, to the rigor of the shell. Four small metal feet support the seat, making the project light and almost airy despite its significant size, combining basic outlines with full, soft volumes.

frag focus sofas modular elements 3

The Wilton family signed by the French designer Christophe Pillet is a project that makes simplicity the fundamental note of its elegance. The clear shapes of the body define the square profile of this family as if it were composed of slightly curved rectangles, creating a sort of nest-origami. Inside, the softness of the cushions and the generous dimensions of the seat invite relaxation and a new form of conviviality. Four thin metal feet contribute to making the collection airy and light.

frag focus sofas modular elements 5

The ability to mix different coverings opens the door to a wide range of variants: single-material – leather or fabric – or two-material, mixing the shell, leather or fabric with the upholstery of the cushions in leather or fabric. Wilton includes closed sofa models and a modularity given by angular elements, peninsulas and chaise longue that allows to range over different shapes and sizes.

frag focus sofas modular elements 4

Otis designed by Leonardo Dainelli of DainelliStudio has classically inspired forms but its details and proportions transform it in a very contemporary piece. Otis aristocratic profile and masculine style rightfully place it in the most sought after living rooms. Backrest and armrests form a unique design, enveloping and sinuous in its corners and curves. A distinctive element of Otis is the balanced proportion given by the meeting between the spacious seat cushion and the elegant hammer armrest, made comfortable by a soft and plentiful padding.

frag focus sofas modular elements 7

Four round tubular metal feet, fixed to the structure through a thin metal plate, complete the project, with a sober ornamental quirk. The collection, composed of sofas and modular elements – corner pieces, peninsulas and chaise longue – that can be upholstered in a wide selection of leathers or fabrics, in several shades adapting to different contexts.

frag focus sofas modular elements 2