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Urban Dwelling in Lviv by LIS Design Studio


The beauty of this contemporary urban dwelling in Lviv, Ukraine is in its fluid composition and alternation of trendy organic materials: concrete and wood, tiles and metal frames – all arranged in flexible and clever structural sequence.

contemporary urban dwelling lviv 11

contemporary urban dwelling lviv 7

The contrast between the fugues and the tiles – light tiles with dark joint and dark tiles in bathroom with white joint – is a fashionable and aesthetically graphic approach that finds its expression in the word’s design scene and introduces stylish dynamics to the ambiance. Straightforward lines, large comfy modern pieces of furniture, alternation of textures and preference to light colors in the color palette gives purity and freedom of expression very suitable for modern lifestyle stylistics.

contemporary urban dwelling lviv 5

Custom made wooden structures – from the simplistic yet expressive shelving in the main social areas, to the elegant silhouette of the wooden lattice separating the bedroom zone offer visual accents with a strong organic feel. This organic purity is enhanced by the concrete fixtures – on ceilings, structural beams, and partial walls, and allows the abundance of natural light to be reflected in a fresh and light manner.

contemporary urban dwelling lviv 8

The design team from LIS design studio composed the open floor arrangement of the apartment in a dynamic and flexible manner leaving traditionally closed zones- open and securing unobstructed and fluid motion throughout the livable space. This freshness of life dynamics is underlined by the light and graphic color palette selected for the main finishes. In the kitchen corner trendy, white metro tiles with contrasting joint are paired up with custom made fixtures of light plywood using straight lines and urban dynamism of the exposed concrete surfaces. In the open exposition bathrooms, the same trendy tile joint contrast alternates black and white creating graphically expressive ambiance.

contemporary urban dwelling lviv 12

The light pink of the large modular sofa in the living room introduces a softer accent to the robust angles and square shapes of the decor arrangement and invites for leisure time activities. Partial walls and lattices – a very fashionable structural approach – secures both: open, fluid motion and privacy. A perfect urban home for an active lifestyle with light and organic texture.

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