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Henge Contemporary Home Concept at Via della Spiga


Persevering in an attitude that has become a hallmark of distinction, far from the conventional and obvious expression of common idioms, Henge awaits us in three refined environments of high magnetism, for a new immersive experience where the boundaries between design and art get extremely blurring. The prestigious Atelier in via della Spiga 7, the stand inside the Salone Internazionale del Mobile and the Interni store in via Durini renew the invitation for the Milan Design Week 2019.

henge furniture colection milan design week 13

Precious fragments enrich the important, preeminent collection: eloquent contemporary creations, exalted in the purity of lines and rare natural materials by increasingly sophisticated processes of manual workmanship, seduce us for the unexpected combinations and the expressive vigor, capable to grasp our senses and provoke emotion Henge, atelier of excellences, hub of experimentation and research, challenges, under the orchestration of the art director Massimo Castagna, common standards of banality and repetitiveness, following unexplored paths, and attempting always more daring forms and finishes, proposing pieces that for strength and authenticity do not undergo the passing of time and trends, able to create iconic pieces for our interiors.

henge furniture colection milan design week 9

New ‘earthy’ contributions from the international design studio Yabu Pushelberg spark alongside the previous Mushroom coffee table set and many are also the novelties offered by the creative flair of Castagna. Entering the showroom of Via Spiga is a unique experience that allows to savor, through a sequence of intimate and charming spaces and a wide range of distinctive pieces, the unified aesthetics of the brand.

henge furniture colection milan design week 8

Overstepping the entrance, the incisive, graphical impact of the Bistro S library, in precious platinum finishes, dialogues with the exuberant, sinuous informality of the new Vertigo chaise longue, that totally customizable can reach unusual dimensions, slightly raised off the ground on its titanium sand casted legs, envelops and unfolds the ash-grey interlaced-fabric upholstery with sensuous curvilinear contemporary profile. The seductive chromatic palette of sage green, earth brown, clay beige and fossil grey is vivified by the ochre yellow hints of the Gelly poufs. The Gibson table, in its ‘piuma’ wood top, new featherly finish.

henge furniture colection milan design week 11

Particularly enticing the iridescent shades effect, in tonalities of grey, like metallic gradations, provoked by the special wood grain that seems like a feather. Playing with two distinctive forms, from circular to polygonal, the table fuses three traversal matching slabs into a singular unique piece and, grasped by steel legs, confirms an overall sense of lightness.

henge furniture colection milan design week 3

Welcoming invitation to relax comes from the Lailand sofa with its aerial structure, rest on sand casted bronze legs, generous enfolding deep seats. Lailand offers excellent solutions of adaptability and the imprint of its strong personality. Fabrics as Galaxy, in mixed polychromatic tonalities of lava grey, mud, and bark brown, alternate with soft tones of chalk, cadet grey and accents of light blue of the pillows. Be-Mine coffee table in shiny silver provides the essential completion part.

henge furniture colection milan design week 1

Primitive coffee table with titanium top stands next to the Voyage armchair in Pearl fabric, while behind the brass, full wall-partition doors, Henge’s signature, unravels the Synapsis dining table, a meticulous sartorial composition, circular or oval in form, realized from three Black Lake marble slates, finely linked together by perfect cohesion of veins. Reflex lights, with their thin slates in White Crystal, stretch at 5 and 8 meters, cross the entire space.

henge furniture colection milan design week 5

The extraordinary levity and slender flexibility of the Savannah chairs, by the Irish architect Stephen Tierney, enhanced in black wood and dark grey slate nubuck, join the new Zagg chairs, a balance between the soft padded seat and the linearity of the leather legs in nubuck light sand color. The Skyfall chandelier, recent creation, lights the ambience with its overhanging various dimensions, in black burnished brass and crystal glass. Again, warm coziness, visual and tactile comfort from the RF family. Elegantly linear and geometric in form, the RF sofa, with its sleek, wooden backrest interwoven with leather, deep seats and accentuated dimensions, versatile palette of soft fabrics and leathers complements any space with elegance. Introduced in earth nuances of nubuck, is presented arranged with the generous RF armchair and chaise longue in dark black Porto fabric. Be-Mine XXL, as iconic coffee table centerpiece in sand-casted H-silver, embeds the emblematic handcrafted codes of the Maison.

henge furniture colection milan design week 6

The new Web library highlight the mood: the bold, straight lines, deconstructed with scenographic interplay, suggest a vertical sand-casted titanium forest, that entangles in its branches the horizontal black eucalyptus shelves. The nature is brought indoors also by the organic lines of the Puddle, a set of three sand casted brass coffee tables, that, slightly different in proportion, varying in heights and scales, encourages multiform, free compositions. The metallic surface, interacting with light, mimic abstract tree canopies and the calm, serene beauty of untouched landscapes.

henge furniture colection milan design week 4

The Slim Bassa cabinet, covered in stone Str-Onix with black eucalyptus wood inside, exhausts the concept of large storage, stretching the boundaries to a maximum size of 480cm, while a quartet of Polygonal suspended lamps, in titanium, varying from 3m to 2m of diameter, radiates the stage with choreographic presence. The Oxymoron table, that embodies the excellence of the renowned Henge’s craftsmanship, in a new wood Black Forest with titanium sand casted legs, echoes loudly the immersion into a natural setting.

henge furniture colection milan design week 7

Yabu Pushelberg’s newborn Noce chairs strengthen this feeling of connection with nature. Technically very demanding, Noce stands on three legs, challenging the physics. The elongated wooden legs support the gently rounded back and armrest, symbolically evoking a tree trunk over-hanged by its adorning botanical crown. Noce, in black slate, complements the informality of the Extra chair, in Porto black fabric. Along a dining area wall extends the sequence of black eucalyptus and stopsol smoky glass doors of the Loom System. A couple of pendent Starlight illuminate the room.

henge furniture colection milan design week 12

Completely transformed the corner dedicated to the kitchen: main core piece, protagonist of the room stands the Ozone L, island block conceived in two Web Grey marble pieces, disposed in L shape fluid configuration. The warm, rare marble presence exudes a pinch of restrained elegance into an ultramodern context. Ozone Case and Ozone Column System, two columns concealed inside the foam-like coated titanium panels, lodge respectively ovens and refrigerator. Precious marble and titanium, classic and modern, old techniques and new exploration feature the ingredients of this alluring scenario, manifesto of Henge’s philosophy. This year Henge teams up with the ceramist, Fausto Salvi. From the artistic collaboration is born the Compound Lamp, a playful, stylized cluster of miniature, ceramic houses, nesting in a thick, chubby circular black burnished silver body.

henge furniture colection milan design week 14

henge furniture colection milan design week 15