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Barcelona Apartment Renovation by Cometa Architects


How to create exquisite and welcoming ambiance lead by minimalist principals? Well, maybe the beautiful sea inspired project of Cometa Architects for а small urban apartment will give some stylish answers to that. Located near Barcelona’s Olympic Marina the design of the apartment pays discreet tribute to its seaport location – the architectural plan follows the inspiration of small size naval architecture: liberate all space from the unnecessary until only the pure form remains.

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Monochrome color palette allows the bright yellow accents to give a sunny and vacation – alluring dynamics to the composition. The organic entwinement of soft and light textures makes the trendy copper details to stand out, thus securing a characteristic jazzy and contemporary feel for the rectangular wood and concrete structures. The entwinement of soft light gray and natural wood surfaces creates a pure and clean ambiance.

marina project flat renovation 12

While composing the renovated flow of livable space the architects used the simple square plan of the apartment to introduce a central cubical construct that host the toilet, closets, laundry room and installations without disturbing the simplicity of shapes and the minimalism of forms. The rest of the premises are symmetrically arranged around this simple wooden cabin – the kitchen on one side, the sleeping zone on the other and a cozy sink in level in front hosts an inviting sitting zone.

marina project flat renovation 15

Clean, stylish and functional – not only the distribution and arrangement of space and materials but the whole emanation of the decor composition. We just love the trendy statement given by the exposed copper wiring and marine piping in addition to the elegant fixtures from the same material. This gives an unusual decorative touch to the design composition without breaking with the marine minimalism inspiration and utilitarian guidelines. Clever and tidy system of hidden storage compartments ( a signature element of modern small apartments).

marina project flat renovation 13

An open plan connection between bathroom and bedroom (another fashionable choice) gives an elegant combination of shapes and materials. The symmetry between the simplistic rectangular kitchen island on one side and the bathtub silhouette on the other is quite a powerful feature for the contemporary decor. A beautiful open terrace with outside shower connects the fresh interior composition with the nearby sea inspiration.

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