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Office Space for art Professionals by Denisa Strmiskova Studio


Elegant and dignified interior of the company with premises of the Baroque Wratislaw Palace in Malá Strana of Prague, Czech Republic is a sophisticated collage of materials, dim colors, both new and historic furniture and accessories and, last but not least, valuable original works of art.

space art dealer denisa strmiskova 2

Denisa Strmiskova Studio: Using both dim and distinctive earth tones, we structured the space into several rooms interconnected into the rich emotional form. Grey sand paint of the walls of the rooms are complemented by distinct green and dark claret painting of some of walls. Color scheme is also developed in the brick red carpet and velvet padding of the furniture used. This is selected from collections of current brands and historic solitaires which are provided by Retro Objects company.

space art dealer denisa strmiskova 6

Casual distribution of the furniture into compact units so unlike to common office spaces contributes to an atmosphere of some kind of dignified club that is characteristic for the whole interior. Sofas with dark velvet cloths of blue or pink tones are complemented by cylindrical poufs of distinctive green and blue colors.

space art dealer denisa strmiskova 1

Other furniture solitaires are harmonized into monochrome black color, including the office tables with steel legs and low storage system from Czech Master & Master brand or low tables from Danish brands Gubi and &tradition. Chair Fritz Hansen from Arne Jacobsen, desk lamp Cobra of Greta Magnusson Grossman and lamp Mantis from a sculptor Bernard Schottlander give to the space a modernist grace.

space art dealer denisa strmiskova 3

Standard interior elements obtain new dimension in the company of artworks, counting, among others, paintings of Emil Filla, Maxim Kopf or contemporary painter Hynek Martinec. The interior greenery visually and sensitively refreshes the whole space, as well as the special interior perfume specially developed for this occasion by the new brand Scent de Roche.  Photos by Josef Kubicek;

space art dealer denisa strmiskova 4

space art dealer denisa strmiskova 5