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Casa PVN Luxury Residence by Claudia Haguiara


The playful and colorful spirit of this amazing, contemporary home in Sao Paulo, Brazil will cheer up your week and brighten up your day. Check it out. The designers from Claudia Haguira Arquitectura used a dynamic combination of Brazilian charm and multicolored environed, spiced up with precious decorative objects, and renown brands furniture elements – trendy furniture pieces by Vitra, Diesel and Moroso coexist in the typical. And Brazilian decor stylistics – a vast open premise with polished concrete floors and extensive wooden cladding.

claudia haguiara casa pvn 19

claudia haguiara casa pvn 3

claudia haguiara casa pvn 2

The main living premise is long and spacious offering an open plan exposition of kitchen, dining and living room zones. The architectural shell has clear lines, simple and clean combination of shapes and materials – sleek concrete floors fragmentized by wood-clad cubical volumes that signify functional separation on the open floor plan exposition. One of the volumes is clad in beautiful blond wood the other volume has a more challenging textural expression with its coloring of oxidized copper.

claudia haguiara casa pvn 9

A colorful sequence of large and specific furniture silhouettes composes the two sitting zones, the kitchen, and the dining zone. At this end of the long social volume the muted colors of the Kitchen Island and the custom-made cabinets in the kitchen angle and their simplistic lines stand out next to the expressive and colorful furniture elements, which compose the playful and informal sitting zone in front of the kitchen counter. Cheerful space for the owners and their family and friends to hang out while the food preparation process goes – as we have observed before in modern design the kitchen is often placed in the heart of the home and offers multiple possibilities for socialization.

claudia haguiara casa pvn 13

claudia haguiara casa pvn 21

claudia haguiara casa pvn 15

Further down the open plan exposition of this main social zone a large modular sofa and trendy design chairs and tables compose a second more secluded sitting area surrounded by pieces of contemporary art and abundance of natural light coming through the vast windows. The home will be not typical Brazilian chic if it does not include comfy and bright garden zones and terraces, where one can enjoy the warm South American sun and the connection with nature. Even here trendy and renown design furniture pieces in bright colors invite and entertain you.

claudia haguiara casa pvn 14

claudia haguiara casa pvn 8

claudia haguiara casa pvn 17

A very retro and decadent inspired space leads to the second floor of the home – suspended modernistic staircase surrounded by super colorful wallpaper design gives a cozy yet energetic feel to the transition to the second level of the home. Here the colorful inspiration and the rich textural experience continues. Only the bathrooms offer more pure and minimalist color and materials selections – elegant, functional and still modern and artistic the bathroom’s design prefers wood and gray color combinations that give them a clean and calm ambiance.

claudia haguiara casa pvn 12

claudia haguiara casa pvn 5

claudia haguiara casa pvn

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