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L2 Apartment by RUDA Studio


Chic, artful and stylish, with а jazz twist this apartment’s interior decor project created by Alexandra Rudenko and visualized by Diana Beklemesheva offers some very intriguing and trendy design solutions for a small urban dwelling (an exploratory passion of ours). Created to host a young couple the decor composition reflects the modern dynamics of life in the city and adds the spies of artistic and organic design solutions.

L2 apartment rudastudio 7

L2 apartment rudastudio 17

The 50 square meters layout of the flat offers a dynamic and flexible distribution of space. It hosts an open plan kitchen, dining and living room premises with an amazing accent of floor to ceiling panoramic windows and small level distinction in front of them achieved by elevating the gorgeous wooden cladding. The designer also used the trendy and very apt for small spaces approach of separating the bedroom behind stylish, black metal-framed glass partitions, thus securing unobstructed light flow and spacious feel for the composition.

L2 apartment rudastudio 14

L2 apartment rudastudio 2

The organic materials palette used by the creators offers a warm and welcoming feel with stylish and artful elements. The alternation of rich wood and emerald green accents (some of them textiles, some of them luxurious marble additions) gives a certain decadent fell to the textural context, which reminds us of the jazz culture of the 50 and ’60s.

L2 apartment rudastudio 4

L2 apartment rudastudio 5

The golden sparkle added by the trendy brass and cooper accent also helps. Not to mention the musical and art decorations. The clever design arrangement of the small urban apartment also successfully hosts a minimalist office corner, a walk-in closed and a special music and relaxation zone. What a rich design composition, not only as social movement possibilities but also as a textural and stylish concept.

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L2 apartment rudastudio 9

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L2 apartment rudastudio 12

L2 apartment rudastudio 13

L2 apartment rudastudio 15

L2 apartment rudastudio 1

L2 apartment rudastudio 16