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Apartment Space Opens a View Towards the Sea


The luminous minimalism of the space opens a view towards the sea. This modern urban decor composition in Odessa, Ukraine for a small apartment – only 36 square meters allows you to enjoy the panoramic sea view in a luminous and elegant environment inspired by minimalism stylistics.

36 sq m apartment m3arch 5

Studio M3 Architects choose to use a restrained color palette – mainly crisp white with delicate wooden and black accents – so that the minimalistic inspiration can create a clean and luminous ambiance. The open-floor arrangement of the social areas combines the living room and the kitchen zone in one- which gives a maximum optimization of space. Here the elegant and minimalistic kitchen island takes a central sculptural role and offers a contemporary and stylish read on modern – day’s life dynamics including its shining copper accent. The rest of the kitchen appliances, as well as the bathroom premises, are hidden behind beautiful wooden panels. Actually, all storage areas in the apartment are cleverly disguised and have the benefit of quick access.

36 sq m apartment m3arch 11

This tidiness of the decor composition along with the trendy glass cube separation of the bedroom unite gives the small space an open and free fell, further complimented by the white luminosity of the color composition and the minimalist shapes of the modern furnishing. And speaking of furniture pieces – this apartment’s decor composition has a lot to offer in that area – stylish, original and in sync with current trends are all of the decor details.

36 sq m apartment m3arch 9

We adore the unusual shape and appearance of the bar stools. Their wooden cubism gives a strong focal point and compliments the clear lines of the rest of the furniture elements, wonderfully. All furniture pieces in this stylish and air-filled apartment are a custom-made design by the architects. So the place design is a proof that it is not difficult to give attention to the detailed when the details are minimalism inspired.

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36 sq m apartment m3arch 2

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36 sq m apartment m3arch 1

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