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A Flexible Box Defines Spaces at Two Story Loft


The clean and fresh feel of the spring inspired us to search for contemporary home designs with minimalist and stylish solutions for urban life. This intriguing, sculptural loft arrangement in a popular neighborhood in Valencia is designed by studio NADA and offers a fresh, dynamic and clean ambiance with expressive architectural volumes. Viewed as multi-functional cube by its creators the decor composition present us with a modern and functional distribution of space were different materials, color schemes and textures mark the borders of function.

loft duplex studio nada 1

The double height volume of the loft offers spacious, open floor layout with the dynamic juxtaposition between the main textures of the decor composition. Near the entrance and in the main social areas the minimalist white volumes of the architectural construct are having an intriguing tension with the deep blue-gray plasticity of the flooring. In the further end and around the kitchen, dining and the guest folding-bed zone the juxtaposition shifts focus and offer warmer textural experiences between the exposed brick constructs and the soft white textiles.

loft duplex studio nada 14

loft duplex studio nada 13

The original brick wall with its wooden framed windows plays a double role as a textural accent and as a border between the sleek modern ambiance of the loft and the view towards the historic hart of the city. The blue-gray hue of the flooring that goes e throughout the first level space gives depth and full energy experience especially paired up with crisp white. The blue theme continues in the cleverly hidden bathroom space, but here the plastic flooring gives place to a hydraulic mosaic which takes central stage with it artistic inspiration.

loft duplex studio nada 12

loft duplex studio nada 11

On the mezzanine level, on the other hand, the designers choose more organic feel with the wooden cladding and custom made counters, again paired up with fresh whiteness. This selection creates a perfect warm and cozy ambiance for the master-bedroom without compromising with the clean and minimal configuration of the decor composition. Beautiful sculptural element of clear-lined, white metal spiral connects the two levels.

loft duplex studio nada 6

loft duplex studio nada 7

loft duplex studio nada 9

Characteristic for the whole penthouse arrangement is the flexibility concept that is not only a very popular contemporary trend with limited urban living but also offers freedom and possibility to extend premises, host guest and use one space for multiple purposes. One of the main floor corners can be used as a reading or study area or as a guest room. The wall cabinet conceals a bed and two bedside tables. A flexible sliding partition can be extracted from one of the sides of the central volume, thus offering the necessary privacy. Similar clever solutions throughout the apartment allow flexibility while preserving minimalistic and clean ambiance.  Photos by Daniel Rueda.

loft duplex studio nada 8

loft duplex studio nada 5

loft duplex studio nada 3

loft duplex studio nada 4

loft duplex studio nada 2