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Decalogue by Visionnaire


Visionnaire celebrates 15 years of activity by creating a “Decalogue.” Ten programmatic terms. Ten indispensable values. Entrepreneurial spirit blends with the poetry of creative endeavor. Each key concept of the brand’s philosophy is defined through a sequence of words that express a vision and have the force of a credo. A narration of roots, to take stock of the company’s identity and to plot the trajectories of an ambitious future.

visionnaire decalogue exhibition 1

Culture, Nature, Design, Object, Experience, Contamination, Uniqueness, Ingenuity, Luxury, Vision: the ten foundation values of Visionnaire, interpreted by the photographer Delfino Sisto Legnani. Correspondences. Associations. Photographic images that become the reflection of a concept, the discovery of a visual affinity. The ten programmatic tenets translate into shots that expand the horizons of meaning. The worlds of Visionnaire are universes to explore in an infinite time.

visionnaire decalogue exhibition 12

Art, in all its forms and expressions, has always been a source of inspiration for Visionnaire. The intense dialogue between art and design prompted the brand to open a gallery in 2011 for contemporary art projects inside the flagship store in Milan, inside the headquarters at Piazza Cavour 3. Curated by Marco Morandini in close collaboration with the fi rm’s art direction, the gallery provides a true “chamber of wonders” with conceptual roots in the Baroque period, when aristocrats displayed relics gathered in their travels to amaze their guests inside private museum-like spaces.

visionnaire decalogue exhibition 9

The ability to work with materials to produce unique creations is the characteristic that guides the choice of the artists for the exhibitions, reflecting the company’s values of expertise and fine craftsmanship. The works are sold at the gallery or inserted in the interior design projects of the wide-ranging Home Philosophy proposals.

visionnaire decalogue exhibition 8

“There is always a strong connection between what we express in the furniture collections and the works we suggest as their accompaniment. The dialogue can be sought in terms of contrast between art and decor, or in terms of aesthetic affi nities. The background is undoubtedly a matter of professional leanings on our part, which make us appreciate works fi rst of all for their unique workmanship and richness, rather than pure conceptual rigor,” says Eleonore Cavalli, Art Director of Visionnaire.

visionnaire decalogue exhibition 7

“Through our curatorial research, we present both group shows and solo projects. Our familiarity with many artists allows us to insert their works in particular situations, depending on the needs of the moment. We have artists with whom we have an exclusive relationship, working each year on a proposal that is developed in tune with the furniture collections. Over the last eight years we have worked with almost thirty artists and we have generated dialogue with highly acclaimed and less famous – though no less interesting – talents,” Marco Morandini explains.

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