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Yanlord Clubhouse Shenzhen


Yanlord Clubhouse Shenzhen is part of a grand new industry city project, which aims to facilitate the implementation of the city’s Eastward Development Strategy. Taking into account ecosystem and cultural context of local industries, CL3 worked to create a versatile experiential commercial space targeted at young urbanites.

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Based on the youth’s consumption mentality, the interior design focuses on stylish, striking yet coordinated visual presentation, arrangement of freely-connected functional divisions as well as creation of emotional and intuitive ambience, in order to fit into the diversified lifestyles of young consumers. Such design concept was applied to all functional spaces.

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The cafe can accommodate 60 people approximately. The design team chose natural peacock green as the main tone, equipped the space with a combination of furniture to meet a variety of functional needs, including three-seat booths, four-person sofas for negotiation purposes, and a bar counter with stools. Considering the flexibility of the layout, folding glass panels were used as partitions, making the cafe a multifunctional communication area for networking events and parties.

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Shenzhen is an international city surrounded by mountains and sea. The designers refined the natural and cultural impressions of the city into design elements and integrated them in the overall space. From the superposition of boxes for the service counter and the unconventional arrangement of the aluminum ceiling bars which were vertically, horizontally or obliquely aligned, to the semi-circular terrazzo area on the floor, all abstractly and specifically reflect the image of the city – high and low buildings scattered, road networks interconnected.

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A variety of supportive spaces were created in the clubhouse, such as the multifunctional kitchen and recreation room serving for small parties and cooking classes. The outdoor swimming pool beside the cafe features a wall with geometric formations that abstractly constitute a spectacular view of mountains, and a color palette of white and peacock green which together present gradient visual effect. Standing in front of the wall, people would be spontaneously immersed in artistic thinking, which helps to balance the fast pace of urban life.

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Project name: Yanlord Clubhouse Shenzhen; Design company: CL3 Architects Limited; Design team: William Lim, Ricky Chung, Lena Yan, Xianting Lai, Jingcai He, Aking Zhu, Dandan Gong; Client: Yanlord Land; Location: Huilongbu Industrial Zone, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China; Photography: Nirut Benjabanpot / b+m studio Kelvin;

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