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Corten-Clad Micro Home


Multiple contemporary trends entwine to compose this unusual project – a former garage in the old town of Vilnius transforms into amazing Corten-clad micro home.

corten clad micro home 1

corten clad micro home 2

The designers from the Lithuanian design studio IM Interior used bold and untypical solutions to prove one of the guidelines of the minimalist living movement – that people do not need a lot for a comfortable and stylish living. Using dynamic and clear-lined shapes: primarily rectangle, circle and triangle; the designers composed the stylish urban atmosphere of this 21 square-meters micro-home.

corten clad micro home 4

Transforming the former garage into a home the team felt inspired by its urban and industrial setting and clad the exterior of the new home with weathering steel, known as Corten giving it its unusual reddish character. The harsh metal shell is paired up with some greenery and shining black frames for the rectangular openings of the home which adds to its intriguing allure.

corten clad micro home 7

The interior of the place is in juxtaposition with its industrial exterior offering cozy yet modern and functional living stylistics. The play of geometrical shapes continues throughout the interior configuration- triangular floor tiles decorate the living and bathroom base, rectangular black-framed openings and metal mesh-clad doors and windows secure luminous environment. Even the bed is located in a window-bench niche replicating the rectangular base of the architectural shell thus creating a clear-lined illusion of depth.

corten clad micro home 5

Following minimalistic and elegant stylistics the designers used minimal furnishing and textural combinations to achieve a clean and elegant ambiance. But thanks to the wooden surfaces and woven bamboo furniture elements (including the inviting focal center of the oblong hanging chair) the place has sufficient warm and organic textural elements. An abundance of greenery and stylish pot-plants further straightens the homey and inviting feel of the home. Concealed strip light give the place warm glow and playful illumination twist.

corten clad micro home 3

corten clad micro home 6